P4 put through its paces at Surrey Sports Park

P4, Fastel, emergency lighting testing
Automatic testing of emergency lighting in Surrey Sports Park is carried out by P4’s M-Web system.

Automatic testing of the emergency lighting in the new multi-million Surrey Sport Park of the University of Surrey is carried out by P4’s M-Web system. Michael Harris, an electrical engineer with the university, explains. ‘We needed to ensure that our emergency-lighting system would provide the safest, most accurate and convenient remote-monitoring procedure through its local-area network. Our objective was also to have a system that would not be labour intensive, would prove maintenance friendly and be accurate.’

P4’s M-Web monitoring system was chosen as a proven, reliable, cost-effective and flexible self-testing computer-addressable solution for the buildings in the complex. ‘We had used P4 equipment in the past,’ said Mr Harris, ‘and had total confidence in the company’s ability to design the right scheme for us — easy to maintain, with accurate fault reporting.

‘We faced some testing challenges on account of the size of the building and the amount of man hours that would be required to complete the emergency-lighting tests. Another significant challenge was to get the lights correctly identified with an accurate location to ease maintenance tasks or carry out repairs efficiently.’

Other benefits of this installation include a report on the performance of each fitting, when it last did a self-test and a current status report.’

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