Boiler combines heating and storage for DHW

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Potterton Commercial’s iHE commercial is said to be the only one of its type on the UK market that delivers space heating and hot water from a single generator and tank enclosed in one cabinet. The condensing heat engines have premix modulating gas burners, achieve 96% gross efficiency and heat DHW via stainless-steel heat exchanger. These boilers are room sealed for use with vertical or horizontal flue systems.

There are two models to deliver outputs of 100 and 150 kW using the appropriate number of 50 kW heat engines. Both have a stainless-steel cylinder to store 300 l of DHW. Recovery rates are 1520 and 2240 l/h, respectively, through 50 K. WRAS and G3 approvals have been applied for.

These boilers can integrate the production of hot water with solar-thermal, air-source, and ground-source heat-pump technology for pre-heat.

Control options include weather compensation, optimum start and stop, frost protection, module sequencing and load sharing.

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