Chilled beams suddenly got smaller

Cooling using active chilled beams in a near-conventional ceiling layout is provided in Edinburgh University’s James Clerk Maxwell Building using Dadanco high-output ACB cassette-type active chilled beams.
Dadanco chilled beams with around three times the output of traditional active beams installed in the James Clerk Maxwell Building of Edinburgh University have enabled a much more conventional ceiling layout to be used — looking very similar to that associated with a fan-coil systems. The ACB cassette-type active chilled beams were supplied by Forth Air Conditioning and installed by Vaughan Engineering. These beams typically measure 1200 by 600 mm (the area of two ceiling tiles). They can supply up to 70 l/s of primary air. The units at Edinburgh University can deliver over 1800 W of sensible cooling per unit. The beams supplied were 4-pipe units to provide both heating and cooling. For comparison, a traditional active chilled beam would be 3.6 or 3.9 m long to deliver the same volume of primary air and cooling capacity. The small size of the ACB units makes for quicker and easier installation. Other features of the ACB units include an integral lint screen and removable bottom access panel to aid inspection and cleaning.
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