5 kW Aquarea mono bloc heat pump has high COP

Panasonic, heat pump, space heating, Aquarea

Panasonic’s 5 kW Aquarea mono block heat pump is described as ideal for new-build projects that are designed for low energy consumption. There is no need for a separate indoor unit as the mono bloc enclosure contains all components in a single unit. They include the heat exchanger, 7-speed hot-water circulation pump, safety valve, pressure gauge and a 3 kW electric heater to provide backup in extreme cold weather.

They have a COP of 5.8 and remote control functions. The controls include an energy-consumption feature that displays the weekly, monthly or annual consumption of the system.

Special attention has been paid to noise levels. Panasonic has created a ‘quiet’ mode that reduces sound level even further.

These units can be combined with the range of Aquarea accessories, which include high-efficiency tanks for producing DHW and the innovative range of Aquarea Air radiators.

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