ICOM works to develop BIM templates for non-domestic heating

The Industrial & Commercial Energy Association (ICOM) has created a BIM (building information modelling) working group and is working with CIBSE to develop a suitable information structure. The group will co-ordinate the production of product data templates (PDTs) for the non-domestic heating industry, enabling ICOM members to make their product information available in a format that is usable on all BIM platforms.

ICOM director Ross Anderson explains, ‘BIM is now being adopted for many construction projects, and it’s vital that manufacturers are able to provide product information in a format that is compatible with BIM. In working with CIBSE on this project, we are able to take advantage of the PDT concept and make it relatively easy and straightforward for members to meet this growing requirement.’

The PDTs are written in a simple Excel format and include all general product-specific questions in COBie UK 2012, so that much of the population of COBie spreadsheets for products can be automated.

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