CentraLine signs up Mtoko as a Partner

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Darryl Peacock, managing director of Mtoko.

Mtoko’s managing director Darryl Peacock has over 25 years’ experience in building management and places quality of engineering and a close relationship with his clients as absolutely key to a successful company in the building controls industry.

Working closely with end users and consultants has enabled him to ensure that the system design matches not only the application but also just as importantly the requirements of the owner/operator’s business or enterprise,

Darryl Peacock says, ‘Mtoko really values not only the opportunity of working with the consultants who are responsible for the mechanical and electrical design of a building but also understanding the needs of the occupants.

‘A thorough understanding of the technical requirements of the application is one aspect of designing a building management system, but really understanding the operational activity of the occupants is equally important.

‘The more closely building management matches the actual and not the perceived day to day activities of an enterprise the higher the system performance and the lower the energy consumption.’

Darryl explained that supporting the development of specifications and initial design through to implementation and acceptance testing, without being directly involved with the installation, is a significant part of his company’s business. He is also often called on to make recommendations on optimising and maximising the potential of existing building management systems.

An important part of Mtoko’s value proposition to its clients is its long experience in energy conservation through effective and efficient building management by ensuring existing building controls and plant equipment are operated and maintained correctly.

Mtoko has three criteria for successful and cost-effective energy management.

• Minimise building running costs, energy consumption and pollution.

• Reduce plant maintenance and unnecessary equipment replacement.

• Improve the building environment for the comfort of staff.

Working with installed systems from different manufacturers is a challenging but very interesting aspect of Mtoko’s engineering activities.

Darryl Peacock continued, ‘As a CentraLine Partner we have access to the full capability of the Hawk Integration Controller which we often use in our own installations.

‘We can also recommend it for existing installations where the benefits of open protocols can expand and attenuate the performance of a control system that is not operating at its full capacity or does not match the changes in the building’s use.

‘I see the future of professional building integrators as controls consultants, designers, installers and systems maintainers used in combination or discretely as appropriate to the situation. The complexity of a building’s mechanical plant, the integration with other systems such as security and fire are making not only the building-management systems very complex but also the understanding of their maintenance requirements.

Underlying this is the need for professional, well trained and experienced engineers who can understand the constantly changing needs of the building and the people who live and work in them.’

Roy Brumpton, senior account manager for CentraLine made the point: ‘Our CentraLine Network is comprised of a wide and varied mixture of Partners who not only support our product sales but also deliver their own specialised service to their clients.

‘Mtoko is exactly the sort of company we encourage to become a CentraLine Partner to provide a wide base of engineering capabilities and experience to our end customer base.’

If you would like more information please visit the link below or you can call Honeywell on 01344 656443.

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