AET underfloor air conditioning for Korea headquarters building

AET, Flexible, underfloor, air conditioning

Underfloor air conditioning supplied by AET serves 24 000 m2 of office space over 19 floors of the new headquarters building of Korea Expressway Corporation in South Korea. there is 1200 m2 on each floor in the tower part of the building, and the Flexible Space System was specified by the client for its height-saving capabilities, flexibility and speed of installation. The whole building totals 30 000 m2.

The AET system uses the plenum beneath a raised floor as the ventilation duct, eliminating the need for ductwork in the ceiling and potentially reducing the height of a new building by up to 10%. It is also easy to respond to changes of the layout of the working space

Conditioned air is delivered by CAM-V units on each floor and distributed to the space via recessed fan-terminal units, or Fantiles.

Large CAM-V units were specially developed for this project. They can supply up to 16 500 m3/h of air.

There are 800 TU4 Fantiles with EC fan technology.

This installation was also one of the first Flexible Space projects to incorporate the AET Flexvisor remote monitoring system connecting the 19 zones and interfacing with the main BMS. The Flexivisor permits remote adjustment of zone setpoint and Fantile units.

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