Team helps Birmingham Airport achieve dramatic reductions in energy use

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Birmingham Airport has reduced its energy consumption by over 10% over the last 15 years — despite nearly doubling the number of passengers handled to over nine million a year. It has the capacity to service 36 million passengers a year on its single runway.

A major part in identifying excess energy consumption has been the use of Team’s Sigma software to analyse vast amounts of raw data from the elaborate sub-metering system and generate meaningful energy-management data.

Energy consumption is now 41.5 GWh a year, and the estimated bill for 2014/15 is around £6 million. Electricity accounts for around 75% of the total energy costs, gas for 22% and water for 3%.

There continues to be a big focus on energy efficiency and reducing consumption from both financial and environmental perspectives. The target for the 2014/15 financial year was a 5% energy reduction over the previous year, equating to a cost saving of £175 000. Following a good start to the year, the target was increased by £200 000.

After staff salaries, energy is the airport’s biggest controllable cost.

Geoff Brunt, engineering manager at the airport, says, ‘The key for me are the weekly exception reports. They highlight where energy is wasted and also where savings have occurred.’

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