Air conditioning for ferry-company headquarters is under the surface

Long Reach House, the newly renovated and extended headquarters of Cobelfret Ferries UK utilises the Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Flexible Space System to provide air conditioning with minimal impact on floor-to-ceiling height.
Problems with restricted headroom during the refurbishment of the headquarters of Cobelfret Ferries UK have been overcome using the Flexible Space Systems from Advanced Ergonomic Technologies. The company’s headquarters is at Purfleet in Essex, and it operates a core fleet of 21 vessels specifically designed for short-distance roll-on, roll-off operation. The Flexible Space System incorporates Hiross underfloor air conditioning and serves over 2300 m2 across all floors of Long Reach House. It uses the plenum under the raised access floor as a duct, with the building divided into a number of zones depending on the potential use and occupancy density of the area. This approach to providing air conditioning minimises the impact on the available floor-to-ceiling height. The underfloor void is divided into supply- and return-air channels using easily relocatable, airtight baffles. Each zone is supply with chilled or warmed air. Supply air is drawn up into the occupied space by fan-assisted terminals recessed into the floor, plugged into an underfloor power source and connected by data cabling for intelligent control. Air travels back to the conditioned-air module via grilles located over the return-air channel. Fan-terminal units are easily interchangeable with floor panels, enabling office layouts to be changed with minimum cost, disruption and downtime. The system was specified by Long & Partners and installed by Briggs & Forrester.
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