Toshiba Carrier provides more than home comforts for Denham Garden Village

All central facilities at Denham Garden Village, including the leisure complex, are air conditioned using Toshiba and Carrier equipment supplied by distributor AMP.
Quiet air conditioning that is simple to control is provided for a residential village in Buckinghamshire for people over 55 using equipment for Toshiba and Carrier. The equipment is used as part of the heating, cooling and ventilation strategy for all the central services areas of the £62 million scheme at Denham Garden Village, which provides over 300 homes. Air conditioning is provided from two mirror-image plant rooms above the two service wings separated by an indoor winter garden. Working with M&E specialists from Briggs & Forrester, Adcock Refrigeration installed Toshiba VRF heat-pump systems to provide air conditioning for the restaurant, café-bar, post office, village shop, library, doctors’ surgery, facilities office and the hairdressing salon. The outdoor units are so quiet that no sound is detectable in the Memorial Gardens, which are just 3 m from one of the plant rooms. Centralised control enables all the Toshiba systems to be managed from a single location. Adcock also installed Carrier Holland Heating air-handling units served by two Carrier condensing units to supply tempered air to those areas needing high air-change rates, such as the winter garden, village hall and fitness centre with its two training suites and swimming pool. The systems interface with a Trend building-management system to provide site managers with overall control and system visibility.
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