Ebm-papst reaches UK milestone in sales of fans with EC motors

25 000 fans with electronically commutated motors have been sold in the UK by Ebm-papst since their launch in September 2003. The first success was in food-display cases in supermarkets, achieving an 80% saving in energy through their speed-control capabilities. Supermarkets also provided the next opportunity for large 3 kW fans in air-handling units, reducing energy consumption by 52%. Smaller EC motors have more recently been used in fan-coil units to deliver similar energy savings to larger units. Financial institutions have realised that EC fan technology can easily be retrofitted to replace fans in close-control air-conditioning systems in data centres. Supermarkets have further exploited the technology by using EC fans on old condensing units, not only saving energy but also reducing noise and increasing performance. Ebm-papst has produced a guide of examples and comparisons of some applications to help explains the full features and benefits of EC technology.
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