Andrews in support role at new children’s theatre

Hot-water services for the UK’s first purpose-built, professional theatre for children are provided by an Andrews Hi-Flo storage water heater installation. The Unicorn Theatre in Tooley Street, London, close to London Bridge presents world-class theatre and education projects for children aged from four to 12. It will be used by 100 000 children a year. The copper-clad £13 million building comprises the 340-seat Weston Theatre, the 120-seat Clore Theatre, the Foyle Education Studio, Judi Dench Rehearsal Room and McGrath Room. Public spaces include the award-winning Café Frizzante. A Hi-Flo 65/173 water heater serves dressing-room showers, wash basins and a small kitchen. It stores 300 litres of hot water and has a recovery rate of 780 l/h through 44 K. A patented water-injection system reduces sediment at the cold inlet and effectively mixes and distributes incoming water, maximising energy efficiency during the first hour delivery of hot water while preventing temperature build-up at the top of the tank. It also helps eliminate conditions conducive to legionella bacteria.
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