Potterton Commercial develops modular approach to prefabricated boiler plant

By designing boiler rigs as a series of modules than can easily be joined together in a boiler room, Potterton Commercial has brought the benefits of prefabrication to boiler rooms with difficult access and awkward shapes.
To enable the benefits of prefabricated boiler plant to be exploited in plant rooms with restricted access and awkward layouts, Potterton has devised a modular approach. Each module can fit through a standard doorway and be moved on a sack truck. Once in the plant room, only a small amount of plumbing work is required, such as joining the sections of low-loss headers. Cabling work is simplified by the use of a wiring loom with plug in connections for equipment in each module. All electrical connections are plug-and-play. Richard Walker, national sales and marketing manager for Potterton Commercial, says, ‘In the past, the specification of prefabricated heating solutions has been limited, as the inherently large plant was difficult to install in small or awkwardly shaped boiler rooms. The modular design of the MB series means that prefabricated heating is now suitable for a much wider range of commercial applications, as the flexible design enables it to be fitted in a variety of configurations. The MB system uses the stainless-steel WH Series condensing boiler. Two, three or four 110 kW boilers are used to give outputs of up to 440 kW. The integral intelligent control system modulates the boilers down to very low outputs to match system load and maintain optimum system efficiency. The controls also provide weather compensation, optimum start and stop and frost protection. Other features include duplex pumps with flow proving, automatic changeover and load scheduling. Flue options include conventional open and room-sealed arrangements. An integrated automatic bypass valve enables these rigs to be used in heating systems with flow-reducing devices such as thermostatic radiators valves.
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