Daikin extends its high-output Sky Air range of inverter units

Daikin has completed with high-capacity Sky Air inverter range with a single-phase unit that can deliver 15.4 kW of cooling.
Daikin Europe has completed its Sky Air Super Inverter Series of air-conditioning units with a new 140 class unit and updated 100 and 125 class units. The new 140 single-phase unit has a cooling capacity of 15.4 kW and heating of 19.0 kW. All high-capacity Sky Air Super Inverter units can be used in pair, twin, triple and double twin configurations for a wide range of project types. Notable features of these new and updated RZQ units include their compact design. 100 and 125 units weigh 8 kg less than their predecessors and their height has been reduced from 1345 mm to 1170 mm. COPs are in the high A class range. They can be used with up to 75 m of pipe are can reuse existing R407C pipe and piping of different diameters. The continued use of the highly efficient Daikin scroll compressor and sine-wave inverter achieves high energy efficiency in the most frequently used mid to low settings. Forward-curved Aero spiral blade fans reduce pressure loss, turbulence and noise. The Super Aero grill improves COP by reducing fan power consumption without compromising airflow rates. Although designed as heat-pump units, these new and updated Sky Air inverters can be converted to cooling-only operation. They can be used with a wide range of indoor fan-coil units.
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