New lighting will pay back its capital costs within two years

New lighting from Chalmor in this Wincanton distribution centre in Corby will pay back its capital within two years from reduced energy and maintenance costs.
The payback on energy savings alone for a new lighting system in the automated distribution centre of Wincanton in Corby is estimated at less than two years. In addition, the longer relamping cycles of Chalmor Brilliance light fittings will reduce maintenance costs, shortening the payback to 1.6 years. The Brilliance fittings have replaced 190 SON fittings of 190 W each on a point-for-point basis to increase lighting levels at the same time as reducing the installed electrical load. The new fittings are controlled by Autolux controller linked to photocells and presence detectors. Nathan Goudie, the site’s engineering manager, explains, ‘We receive significant amounts of natural daylight through the rooflights, and we can now dim the lighting to take advantage of this — something that could not be done with the SON lighting. We are also using presence detection so that if an aisle is not in use, the lighting can be switched off completely. ‘Of the various companies we spoke to, Chalmor not only offered the best solution with the fastest payback, they also worked closely with us to analyse the lighting loads and design the optimum control solution. Compared with SON [high-pressure-sodium] lighting, colour rendering is much improved. In selected areas, the Brilliance fittings have been fitted with four 54 W and two 28 W lamps, which can be switched in a variety of combinations to vary light levels. The Autolux controllers enable lead and lag lamps to be alternated to ensure even burning hours for all lamps in each fitting.
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