Thermal storage in each apartment of large block halves size of central plant

The central plant serving this development of 238 apartments in Stevenage has been halved in size compared with using plate heat exchangers by using Geminox Modusat units in each apartment to store energy. ICE is the latest development of Higgins Homes, and has its requirements for heating and hot water met by Geminox Modusat units supplied by an Evinox prefabricated boiler skid. The Evinox skid was made offsite and included four 295 kW boilers, plate heat exchangers, de-gasser, pressurisation unit, primary pumps and control panel. The units were tested in the factory before delivery. Evinox, the UK partner of Geminox, will provide the remote monitoring and billing of energy and water consumption using heat and water meters built into each Modusat.
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