Oventrop’s Aquastrom T Plus valve controls DHW at Rathbone Hospital

DHW Oventrop
Redevelopment at Rathbone Hospital in Old Swan, Liverpool, has used Oventrop valves to achieve efficient and safe operation of the DHW system.
As part of a major regeneration of the Rathbone Hospital site in Old Swan, Liverpool, A range of Oventrop valves have been installed, including Aquastrom T Plus multi-function domestic-hot water valves to avoid the risk of legionella bacteria growing. The £18 million redevelopment involves replacing old wards and buildings that are no longer fit for purpose. The 2-storey low-secure unit (LSU) provides rehabilitation for 30 male in-patients. Its service users have severe and enduring mental-health problems and are given treatment, therapy and support in finding ways to live as independently as possible before they can move on from the unit. Oventrop valves are used throughout the LSU for the LPHW services, including TRVs on the both floors. Aquastrom T valves are used on bedroom circuits, which are on a loop to the back of the hand basins in each room. These valves were chosen for their ability to pasteurise the system and simplify commissioning. The valve makes possible significant energy savings by thermostatically controlling temperature and flow in the system. It is factory set and operates as a temperature-control valve on the DHW return. Once the system is up to temperature, the valve throttles down to a residual minimum flow to limit heat loss. As soon as the water in the return pipe cools to the preset temperature, usually 57°C, the valve allows more flow, thus eliminating cold dead legs and the risk of legionella. The valve also provides a hydronic balance of the DHW system and enables automatic system pasteurisation when the HWS generator or stored-water temperature is raised above 70°C. A similar system was installed in the rehabilitation centre, a 25-bed in- patient unit.
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