Scorpion provides essential UPS support for Alliance Pharmacy headquarters

Essential IT services at the headquarters of Alliance Pharmacy now have adequate UPS support following the installation of a Scorpion diesel generator.
A series of power cuts at its headquarters in Feltham revealed that the limited UPS of Alliance Pharmacy was insufficient to maintain essential IT services for the group. The power cuts had been caused by workmen accidentally cutting through power cables, and to tackle the problem Alliance Pharmacy turned to Scorpion Power Systems. Alliance Pharmacy is the UK’s third largest community pharmacy chain and provides dispensing, health advice and pharmacist-led support services. The group’s IT department is the nerve centre for all Boots and Alliance Pharmacy transactions — handling cash machines, credit-card transactions, pharmacy details and drugs register. Following an in-depth survey, Scorpion suggested a complete power-support package including a Powerhouse DM 741 continuously rated diesel generator fitted with a waterproof acoustic canopy and automatic mains failure. The generator has the capability of testing itself each week and remote dial-out facility so that it can be checked as part of a building-management system. The generator is installed outdoors and has a dual water-jacket heater to aid cold starting and a steel bund to retain any diesel spillage. It is supported by an annual maintenance contract. Alan Robertson, building-services manager with Alliance Pharmacy, explains how the work was carried out. ‘We powered down on a Sunday and transferred all the IT facilities to our Weybridge office. Work started at 7 a.m. and by 10 p.m. everything was finished and the system up and running. Scorpion ensured that the complete installation went like clockwork.’ When the mains supply fails or goes out of acceptable limits, the AMF panel disconnects the mains, and the critical loads are supported by the UPS with no break in supply. The generator is automatically started and picks up the load after a preset time delay.
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