Underfloor heating plate saves time and solves problems


Timoleon’s ClipPlates for wet underfloor heating systems are said to considerably speed up installation work. They can be used with most commonly used underfloor heating pipes.

ClipPlates have 10 mm of polystyrene on the underside to provide rigidity and extra insulation. This rigidity prevents the plates distorting under the stresses caused by looped pipes, especially at the edges. Avoiding distortion also makes it easier to pour the screed. The extra thickness means that the plates do not have to be fixed to the subfloor. An interlocking system holds plates firmly together.

Deep castellations offer protection from site traffic and the screeding process.

Pipes can be installed with centres as close at 50 mm, a useful feature close to the manifold.

Pipes can be laid at 90° and 50° angels, offering options in addition to snail or concentric loop patterns.

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