SAV Systems brings Aero range of heat pumps to UK


SAV Systems is marketing the Aero range of air-to-water heat pumps that are made by the Conergy Group in Germany. They are described as a perfect match for SAV’s LoadTracker CHP concept, which uses a heat pump to ensure that there is always a demand for the electricity generated — so there is no need to export spare electricity to the grid.

There are five Aero air-to-water heat pumps with heating capacities from 9 to 30 kW and COPs of up to 4.4. They have scroll compressors, with larger units having two compressors.

Features include stainless-steel condensers and plate heat exchanger and a large fin evaporator. Air intake and outlet louvres are 1.5 m above the ground, where the higher air temperature of 1 to 2 K contributes to a higher COP.

The multi-function control unit can serve up to three independent heating circuits.

LoadTracker uses EC Power’s XRGI 15 CHP engines in multiples to provide 6 to 75 kW of electricity and 17 to 150 kW of heat. They use Toyota gas-fired engines and achieve a total efficient of up to 92%.

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