ABB University in Telford gets added intelligence with KNX

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KNX technology is helping to significantly reduce energy costs at the ABB University in Telford.

The installation of intelligent building control equipment is achieving significant reductions in energy costs and improved functionality for the ABB University in Telford. ABB’s i-bus KNX system has been fitted into three classrooms and two reception areas by EnTech, an ABB accredited KNX installer.

EnTech’s brief was to update and modernise the technology in the university. The aim was to address energy-efficiency issues and improve the building’s overall performance while providing a showcase for the benefits of ABB’s technology for intelligent building control.

The new system provides users with control over multiple room functions, so individual settings can be applied to each room and all functions can be controlled from one location.

The first phase has seen the installation of a DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) gateway to provide extensive control over lighting. EnTech has also installed PIR sensors to detect motion, so lighting can be turned on and off as approach.

Future phases will include the installation of ABB’s 800xA system to monitor and measure all building functions and help improve the performance of the building. Meters will be installed to measure CO2 levels in the classrooms, so lecturers can decide the best time to take a break and let levels fall.

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