BSRIA Instrument Solutions adds to its UKAS accreditation services

BSRIA Instrument Solutions, UKAS

BSRIA Instruments Solutions has expanded its United Kingdom Accreditation (UKAS) to include volumetric airflow and air-velocity measurement. These new measurement parameters enable users of anemometers and air-capture hoods (balometers) to have some of the best measurement capabilities in the UK.

Vane and thermal anemometers can be calibrated with UKAS accreditation in the range 0.3 to 30 m/s, with a best measurement capability of ±0.51%IND + 0.05 m/s.

Balometers can be calibrated over a range of 20 to 900 l/s with a best measurement capability of ±1.5%IND + 2.5 l/s.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions has been aided in the improvement in the precision of the airflow calibration facilities and the achievement of UKAS accreditation through the development of procedures involving laser Doppler anemometry. This non-intrusive and highly accurate technique for measuring airflow typically enables flows to be visualised to a resolution of 0.001 m/s with up to 10 000 measurements over a period of a second.

Companies that purchase independent evaluations that are not UKAS accredited run the risk of destroying their long-term success.

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