Biomass heating breathes new life into ancient church

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This previously unheated church is now an active community centre with heating from a biomass boiler and underfloor heating.

A biomass boiler from Euroheat provides heating for the refurbishment of a church in Herefordshire into a community centre. The 65 kW HDG wood-pellet boiler serves underfloor heating. There was previously no heating in the St Peter’s Church in Peterchurch at all.

Pellets create much less ash than wood chips or logs, just 2%, meaning ash trees need to be cleaned out just once a fortnight. The fuel is delivered direct to the boiler, which is in a purpose-built wooden shed that is designed to blend into the church’s graveyard.

Archaeology consultants were required to carry out all the major digging. About 60 skeletons, including a plague pit, were excavated and re-buried. The boiler plant itself was built off site and craned into the purpose-made box.

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