Solar energy provides low-carbon space heating for school sports hall

CA Group, renewable energy, transpired wall solar collector
The 218 m2 SolarWall on this sports hall at a college in Sheffield is expected to reduce energy consumption for heating by 43 MWh a year.

The first application of CA Group’s SolarWall technology in the education sector is for the refurbishment of the sports hall of Firth Park Community College. The project includes a 218 m2 SolarWall transpired solar collector which is expected to reduce the building’s energy consumption by over 43 MWh a year and reduce CO2 emissions by over 10 t.

SolarWall uses solar energy to preheat incoming air to HVCA plant serving the sports hall, dance studio and changing rooms. Working with CA, AmbiRad has designed a range of HVCA units to integrate with SolarWall.

At Firth Park, the units supply fully integrated heating with heat recovery from the extract air. The dance-studio unit supplies heating and cooling via an air-to-air heat pump.

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