Walter Meier chiller range includes Turbocor model

Walter Meier, chiller, Turbocor

The new Climate brand of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers and heat pumps from Walter Meier (Climate UK) includes Turbocor centrifugal chillers (illustrated) and R410A multi-scroll chillers. Cooling capacities range from 5 kW to 3.7 MW. There are models for any commercial or industrial application, with a wide range of options to enable specifiers to precisely match the requirements of each project.

The Turbocor (magnetic levitation oil-free centrifugal) chillers are available as air- and water-cooled versions and can achieve an ESEER (European seasonal energy-efficiency rating) of up to 9.0. The compact compressor, combined with optional micro-channel condensing coils can reduce weight and dimensions.

Multi-scroll chillers using R410A have an efficient design with advanced electronic control system that can manage up to six parallel compressors on each circuit.

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