Don’t be left out in the cold - choose a Grundfos CONLIFT


As the winter season starts to take hold, boiler breakdowns will become more prevalent and these can frequently be caused by freezing condensate pipes. There are a number of recommendations on how these can be minimised and one of these is that condensate pumps should be fitted both in new and remedial situations.

Grundfos Pumps offer a useful product to perform this task – the CONLIFT. This pump comprises just 2 models;:the CONLIFT1 and the CONLIFT1 LS and both variants are supplied with an integrated NC/NO contact and cable so that if the overflow switch detects a high-water level, this can be used to switch off the boiler.

They will operate automatically when condensate enters the collection tank from an appliance. The units then lift the condensate up to 5m in height and across a distance of several metres to the required drainage point. Another plus is that these units require minimal maintenance. The motor/pump unit can turn 180o on the tank which increases the flexibility of the installation process, a situation which is enhanced by the four symmetrical inlets that means the unit can be connected from any direction.

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