Perfect fit with Evinox utility cupboards

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Evinox Energy is announcing the launch of ModuSat Fusion which it describes as the ‘perfect fit’ prefabricated utility cupboard for communal and district heat network developments.

With demand for housing in the UK greater than ever and an increase in the use of communal heating systems for apartments, many developers are choosing to install prefabricated MEP utility cupboards, which require less time on site for installation, use less space in the apartment, provide the opportunity to reduce cost and risk and enable them to deliver projects ahead of time.

The ultra-compact design of the Evinox approach allows for all utilities and services to be contained in one area away from the kitchen and living space, making ModuSat Fusion both practical and visually pleasing in the modern apartment setting. Utility cupboards are available in a standard configuration or built bespoke to project design requirements, and Evinox’s in-house design and manufacturing capability enables high volume supply, with the ability to meet the most demanding of timescales.

ModuSat Fusion cupboards feature ‘plug and play’ communication connection for diagnostics, commissioning and metering data – and everything can be accessed across shared building infrastructure.

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