Elson adds high standard of heating and hot water to quality homes

A key element of the hot-water services for houses in Salford with up to five bathrooms is the production of prefabricated connection centres for pipework by Elson
Domestic hot water for homes with up to five bathrooms in a development in Salford is provided by packaged equipment specially designed and made by Elson. The development at Broughton Green is a partnership of the City of Salford and Taylor Woodrow, with the houses and apartments for sale. Heating and plumbing contractor George Birchall of Stoke worked with Elson to provide a prefabricated solution for the key parts of the system. Because the furthest take-off point for hot water could be as far as 30 m from the storage cylinder, secondary circulation is required. Elson proposed a package based on a 200 litre Heatrae Sadia Megaflo storage cylinder, complete with expansion vessel, overflow and tundish. Elson added zone valves, secondary circulating pump and programmer. The cylinder is service by a Baxi 100 condensing boiler, as is the space-heating system. There was also a requirement for pipework to be installed neatly and accurately, with 20 connections needed for the heating and DHW systems. A cupboard was provided for the water store and pipework connections on the top floor of these 3-storey buildings, which would become the airing cupboard. Elson’s brief was to provide a prefabricated pipework connection centre to enable connections to be made to a first-fix stage and then broken to allow the cupboard to be completed. The connection centre was designed to minimise work on site and reduce the risk of remaking joints. The package acted as the piping centre, it could be used as the template for installation. The package could be placed in position and the pipework for all circuits and zones made up to the jig and tested. By disconnecting eight joints, the tank and jig could be removed until the final fix.
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