CIBSE and Carbon Trust show the way to tons of carbon savings in 100 days

CIBSE’s campaign to reduce carbon emissions this summer was an outstanding success. The outcome shows clearly just how much can be done for a small effort and investment. Our coverage of this campaign highlights the achievement of some of the award winners, with useful lessons for readers keen to mimic their success.When the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) launched a 100-day campaign to reduce carbon emissions it little realised how the concept would capture the imagination of so many people and organisations. News of the campaign was announced in Modern Building Services in January 2006. The build-up and preparations took the next six months, with the 100 days itself beginning on 5 June and running through to 12 September. It was partly funded by the Carbon Trust. At the final presentation of awards on 10 October, CIBSE President David Hughes admitted that the organising team originally expected about 150 participants. How wrong they were — by about 400, with more than 550 companies and public-sector institutions across the UK taking part. Success Participants filled in a carbon-summary form to track their progress in reducing carbon emissions. Those analysed by CIBSE indicate some achieved reduction in carbon emissions of up to 10% and more over the 100-day period. On average, emissions of carbon dioxide were reduced by 93 t — which CIBSE presents as representing enough carbon dioxide to fill more than 520 double-decker buses. Looking beyond the 100 days, if the 550 participating organisations continue with their energy-efficiency drive, this level of savings scales up to a collective saving of 190 000 t of carbon dioxide a year. David Hughes comments, ‘We were overwhelmed by the response to our campaign, which illustrates just how keen companies have become to do their bit to fight climate change. The success of these organisations should show others how quickly carbon savings can be made, once an organisation is focused on the issue.’ Karen Germain, networks manager at the Carbon Trust also sees the campaign as having been very successful. ‘Some of the individual stories are impressive,’ she said. ‘If measures implemented in just 100 days can save businesses up to 10% of their carbon emissions, implementing a longer-term energy drive should be a no-brainer. The financial and environmental benefits are obvious. Although this campaign may have drawn to a close, the Carbon Trust offers dedicated advice and practical support all year round, including awareness-raising materials like posters to interest-free loans, free energy surveys and comprehensive carbon-management programmes.’ More information on the services and advice available from the Carbon Trust is available on the helpline (0800 085 2005) or the Carbon Trust web site.
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