CHP forms basis of future energy strategy for Kingston Hospital

As part of a new energy centre at Kingston Hospital being designed built and financed by Dalkia, a CHP unit rated at 1.4 MW(e) is to be installed.
As part of a 15-year Private Finance Initiative, Dalkia will invest £2.9 million to refurbish the existing boiler plant at Kingston Hospital and equip it with CHP plant. Carbon-dioxide emissions will be reduced by around 4000 t a year. The agreement includes the subsequent operation and maintenance of the new plant and will provide secure and stable future energy supplies for this 632-bed hospital. Another benefit of the CHP plant is that the hospital will be able to claim exemption from the climate-change levy. Heating is currently provided by boilers that supply steam for heating, domestic hot water and sterilising. As part of its ongoing improvements to the hospital, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust was looking to upgrade its energy facilities and improve continuity of supply, reduce carbon emissions and achieve cost reductions. A key requirement in the trust’s selection criteria was that the supplier had experience of funding similar schemes based on NHS Standard Form 3, which led to Dalkia being selected as the preferred supplier. To meet the hospital’s needs for heating, cooling and electricity, Dalkia will design, build, finance, install, operate and maintain the new energy centre. It will include a 1.4 MW(e) gas-fired CHP unit and waste-heat boiler, two additional boilers, a 330 kW absorption chiller, heat exchangers and high- and low-voltage switchboard. When the centre is complete, Dalkia will operate and maintain the systems, supply all fuel and set up a contract to export electricity and reduce electricity import costs. Allan Morley, head of estates at the trust, comments, ‘The money provided by PFI will allow us to concentrate our capital on patient care and ensure environmentally friendly future energy provision for the hospital.’
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