Controlled lighting in Ridi’s headquarters provides demonstration facility for potential customers

Ridi has installed its own lighting and TridonicAtco control products in its new UK headquarters to demonstrate the capabilities of this combination to potential customers.
Enhanced lighting control for the new headquarters of Ridi Lighting is provided by a wide selection of control products from TridonicAtco, enabling Ridi to demonstrate an integrated package of luminaires and TridonicAtco controls to its customers. Indeed, this luminaires and controls package has already been specified for two large projects. Mike Attard, managing director of Ridi, explains, ‘We wanted to be able to offer our customers a one-stop shop where they have a single point of contact for sourcing the complete lighting and controls package. We also wanted to be able to demonstrate the versatility of this system, so it made sense to install it in our own premises.’ Lighting in the open-plan office is divided into two zones, controlled through two DALI networks — one for each floor. Each network incorporates DALI-MSensors with presence detection and daylight sensors. When lights are switched on, they remain at low level until a person enters the room, when the illumination is raised to 400 lx. This presence system works in parallel with photocells to maximise the use of daylight and dim electric lighting when possible. Light levels for each zone can be over-ridden by staff. The DALI-MSensor can be configured by remote control. Lighting can also be controlled via TridonicAtco’s x-touchPANEL. All the lighting is linked to a dedicated server running software that allows access to individual luminaires for control and monitoring. The system at Ridi also uses TridonicAtco’s testing system for emergency lighting, which enables emergency lighting to be managed through the same system as the general lighting.
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