Maternity unit enjoys the energy-saving benefits of heat-recovery air conditioning

At the heart of a heat-recovery air-conditioning system serving a maternity unit in Poole is this Daikin 14 hp condensing unit.
Energy-efficient heating and cooling for a hospital in Poole is provided by a Daikin VRV heat-recovery air-conditioning system. The maternity unit of St Mary’s hospital is the centre for all high-risk maternity care in East Dorset. Its building services have been upgraded with Daikin heat-recovery VRV equipment installed by Cool Tec Services of Wareham while the special-care unit remained fully operational with babies in incubators. Four wall-mounted fan-coil units with cooling/heating capacities of 7.1/8.0 kW have been installed in the neonatal intensive-care unit on the first floor, with further units in the two operating theatres on the ground floor, high-dependency unit and delivery room. They are served by a 14 hp outdoor unit against an outside wall at ground level. The control system balances heating and cooling loads and enables compressors to draw 40 to 45% less power than the norm.
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