Country club has energy efficiency down to a tee

Simply replacing two cast-iron boilers with MHS condensing boilers has reduced energy consumption at this golf and country club in Cornwall by 16%
Replacing two old cast-iron boilers with two Ultramax 381 gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS has reduced energy costs for a private golf and country club in Cornwall by 16%. The payback period for the China Fleet Country Club will be within 3.5 years. The boilers were recommended by Terry Wall of MHS Boilers and installed by MITIE Engineering Services of Plymouth. Ultramax boilers use a downward-firing pre-mix, water-cooled burner that can modulate down to 25% which, combined with precise mixing of gas and air, results in NOx emissions of less than 53 mg/kWh and carbon monoxide of less than 19 mg/kWh. Weather compensation on the boiler itself contributes to an overall net efficiency of 1.6.5%. Karl Taylor, general manager of the club, is enthusiastic about the energy savings: ‘As a top-class golf and leisure venue, we are always looking at ways to bring the very best to our members and visitors. If we are able to reduce our costs and save energy, that will ultimately benefit the people who use our excellent facilities.’
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