2009 July


Building-services contractor Skerritt has strengthened its presence in the education sector with a contract worth £3.8 million. The company is nearing completion on a 52-week programme of electrical and mechanical works at the 120 000 m2 Becket School in Nottingham.

LG offers a range of free training courses to provide installers and specifiers with essential hands-on experience of its wide range of air-conditioning. They are held in its state-of-the-art training facility at its UK headquarters in Slough.


MK Electric has introduced a range of multi-media devices to provide a complete solution for residential television, radio and audio needs.


Telegan Gas Monitoring and its industry partner Anton Industrial Services are providing flue-gas analysers and gas detectors to all Gas Safe Register inspectors. The contract involves 106 Telegan Sprint V multi-function flue-gas analysers (pictured) and 106 Crowcon Elkon carbon-monoxide monitors.


Lindab has moved into East Anglia with the opening of a 600 m2 branch on the outskirts of Norwich to offer the company’s huge range of ducting, fittings, fans and air-movement products to customers throughout the area. Branch manager is Paul Seaman (left in photo with joint managing director Iain Robertson at the opening ceremony).


Waldmann’ Lighting’s Ataro range of free-standing and desk-mounted luminaires provide glare-free lighting with maximum efficiency by using a special polymethylmethacrylate material with high light transmission. This system is said to be 30% more energy efficient than conventional solutions. There is a choice of two or four compact fluorescent lamps.


Timoleon, an underfloor-heating specialist based in Exeter, is now an indoor environmental systems partner for Polypipe. Rex Ingram (pictured), chairman of Timoleon, says, ‘We’re naturally flattered that the leading name in the UK piping-systems market has seen the potential of Timoleon so early in our development. The relationship with Polypipe gives us access to an even more comprehensive range of underfloor-heating solutions and the investment to put all our ideas into action much sooner.’


Samsung has stepped up its drive to capture a significant slice of the UK air-conditioning market by forging a strategic alliance with nationwide specialist wholesaler HRP. It makes the DVM Plus III (VRF) range available through a newly formed HRP subsidiary, Samsung Air Conditioning Centre (SACC) and split systems available through HRP’s extensive network of branches.


Building-controls specialist BG Controls has reinforced its systems-support arm by opening a dedicated service and maintenance office in Preston. It is at Albert Edward House in The Pavilions, Preston.


Honeywell’s pressure-reducing valves provide an effective method of reducing water consumption in all types of building.


Comark’s RF500 wireless monitoring system can be used for almost any data-monitoring in virtually any industry following the development of a new RF515 multi-parameter transmitter.


ATC Semitec has introduced a range of pipe-mounting disc thermostats to ensure better control of hot and cold water systems. The SJW6 series can be used on pipes from 10 to16 mm diameter using integral tight-fitting stainless-steel clips. The thermostat has a curved base to improve the contact area with the pipe to maximise thermal response.


BMS installer Building Environment Control (BEC) has won a Top Ten Sales Award from Delta Controls, a leading developer of native BACnet building automation systems. The award was won in competition with Delta’s 90 pan-European partners.


Designed to provide perfect indoor climate control, the Frese Optima pressure-independent control valve (PICV) combines three functions in a single valve housing. The Optima PICV limits flow from 0.021 to 0.83 l/s, regulates differential pressure from 16 to 400 kPa and offers full 5.5 mm stroke modulation to ensure design flow is achieved even under fluctuating system pressures.

Big Foot

Big Foot Systems — a market leader in non-penetrative roof supports has launched a 1000 mm version of the Fix It Foot to add to the 250, 400 and 600 mm products. Fix It foot supports are recycled rubber components with excellent anti-vibration properties and at the same time recycling a mountain of car tyres!

CIBSE has published new guidance on reducing the carbon emissions and energy costs associated with commercial kitchens. ‘TM50: Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens’ has been prepared jointly by CIBSE and the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group. It provides industry-specific guidance and advice on sustainability and how to reduce the energy used in commercial kitchens.


The latest version of ABB’s 6-step energy-saving plan provides information on the best way to save money by applying variable-speed drives and low-voltage motors to fans and pumps. It runs to 20 pages and provides information on how to save money in setting up and running drive and motor applications, with tips on managing installation and when best to replace old technology with modern drives and motors. It provide numerous examples of companies that have benefited from implementing energy-saving drives and motors in production and process.


Thermokon’s 2009 catalogue is bigger than ever — with 233 pages that include all types of sensor from room operating panels, pressure, mixed-gas, CO2, light/motion, IO modules, humidity and temperature. The innovative and proven wireless product line EasySens is also featured.

Andrews Water Heaters

Andrews Water Heaters has updated its Size IT sizing program for DHW systems to reflect new developments in the industry and the latest products and solutions from the company.


Weidmüller, which specialises in solutions for general control cabinet building has developed a new approach to supplying cabinets which was featured at the recent Hanover Fair in Germany.

Ackermann Cablelink/MK Electric

The Ackermann Cablelink Plus modular floorbox from MK Electric is designed for high load-bearing capability and for speed and ease of installation. Load-bearing capability meets BS EN 50085-2-2. These boxes also have self-closing lids in accordance with the draft IEC 61534-11 and improved robustness with cord caps that cannot be kicked off.


Trion has added three units to its Air Boss range of electronic air cleaners. The range now comprises 11 models with airflows from 1000 to 17 000 m3/h with a pressure drop of just 90 Pa. They can remove fumes and odours in a greater variety of kitchen exhaust applications.

MHS Radiator

MHS Radiators’ new range of radiant ceiling panels integrate with T-bar suspended ceilings and are said to make possible significant reductions in energy consumption by enabling air temperature to be typically 3 K lower than an equivalent convective air system.

MK Electric

MK Electric has expanded its Echo range of ‘self-powered’ wireless and battery-free switches with a variety of decorative and industrial finishes. MK says it is the first major UK manufacturer to incorporate this EnOcean technology into switches. Simply operating the switch generates enough electricity to operate lighting at up to 30 m.


LG’s comprehensive range of outdoor units covers a host of configurations for commercial and domestic air-conditioning applications. It includes what is claimed to be the only indoor-mounted condensing for VRF — the Multi V Space.

Flakt Woods

Flakt Woods e3-Line fan concept includes the JM range of fans fitted with EFF1 motors to provide a more energy-efficient solution. The platform is complete and will enable motors with even higher efficiencies to be introduced in compliance with IEC 60034-30. Branded the e3-Line A range, it is available for selection using the on-line fan-selection tool.

Taconova, Danfoss

Taconova now offers two ranges of high-limit safety control valves from Danfoss to limit the temperature of secondary hot water in large-scale heating and DHW systems.

Industrial air curtains

08 July, 2009

Airbloc’s AB Series of air curtains is said to reduce the energy loss through open external doors of heated or air-conditioned buildings by over 80%. They are designed for industrial environments and allow doors to remain open with little detriment to internal comfort or energy use.

The G-save Economiser controller from Gas-elec is said to be capable of reducing heating bills for gas, oil or LPG installations by up to 35%.

Walter Meier

Wolf’s KG Top range of air-handling units is available through Walter Meier (Climate UK). 16 sizes cover throughputs from 2100 to 100 000 m3/h. These units are said to combine high performance and low energy consumption with sensible pricing and low cost of ownership.

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