David Garwood, BSRIA, residential air conditioning, air conditioning
Sustained market growth — David Garwood.

Growth in construction impacts on air conditioning

Whichever market sector David Garwood of BSRIA looks at, especially in London, he sees growth in the air-conditioning sector for the next three years.

Lindab, chilled beam, air conditioning

Lindab chilled beams in landmark building

Lindab’s Solus chilled-beam system has been chosen to deliver energy-efficient climate control for a landmark building in Sweden — the Round House in the Munksjöstaden district. Pairing Solus with renewable-energy sources such as free cooling and ground-source heat pumps can achieve energy savings of up to 45%. The system includes nearly 600 Solus chilled beams and the entire ducting system. Pascal VAV system are being used in areas where the heating load can change very quickly, such as conference rooms.

Climate Center stocks R32 in all its branches

Climate Center claims to be the first distributor to stock the low-GWP refrigerant R32 in every branch — amounting to 45 branches nationwide. R32 is a single-component refrigerant with a GWP of 675, considerably lower than the 2088 for R410A. The investment coincides with Daikin and Toshiba launching R32 air-conditioning ranges.

Advanced Air, FCU, fan coil unit, air conditioning

EC motor enhances Advanced Air fan decks

The EC (electronically commutated) motors in Advanced Air’s horizontal fan deck have a chip developed by Nailor, the company’s American parent, which gives a pressure-independent unit and makes the fan-coil self balancing so that no commissioning is required on the air side.

Flakt Woods, chilled beam, air conditioning
Fläkt Woods’ Wega II chilled beam makes it easy to change an office layout.

Enjoying the chilled-beam experience

Since their introduction to the UK in the 1970s, fan-coil units (FCUs) have provided air conditioning to thousands of commercial buildings. However, there is another option to consider, which delivers energy efficiency and, importantly, flexibility — namely the chilled beam. Yan Evans of Fläkt Woods explains why it’s time to move on from the FCU.

Toshiba Air Conditiioning, VRF, air conditioning
Continuing advances in VRF air conditioning — Neil Wooldridge.

A history of ever-growing efficiency

Despite being a relative newcomer to the air-conditioning market, VRF continues to make significant advances. Neil Wooldridge of Toshiba Air Conditioning takes up the story.

Trox, laboratory, fume cupboard, air conditioning
Energy-efficient laboratories — Ian Thomas.

Air control as the key to energy-efficient labs

Laboratories with fume cupboards can benefit from demand-controlled ventilation — with major savings on the volume of air handled and conditioning it. Ian Thomas of Trox UK explains.

Cloudfm, Mitsubishi, warranty, air conditioning

Cloudfm offers 10-year warranty on Mitsubishi Electric equipment

Facilities-management provider Cloudfm can offer a 10-year warranty on Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning equipment managed on behalf of its clients. The service comes after Cloudfm became a business solutions partner with Mitsubishi, which enables it to offer an extended 7-year warranty. Cloudfm will underwrite a further 3-year warranty on all new equipment and parts for Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning products in the UK

Lindab, chilled beam, air conditioning
Fan-shaped diffusion pattern.

Optimizing the design of active chilled-beam systems

Active chilled beams are finding increasing use in office and commercial buildings. They use a variety of solutions for air diffusion, adjustability and efficiency. By combining these in a smart way and adding new thinking, the optimal chilled-beam design can be achieved. Professor Göran Hultmark of Lindab explains.

Hitachi, cassette, air conditioning

Hitachi improves its range of mini cassettes

Hitachi’s RCIM FSN4 range of mini cassette air-conditioning units has heating outputs from 1.9 to 8.5 kW in a VRF system. The air panel has a new, simple and stylish design. Its dimensions have been reduced by 80 mm compared with the previous 620 mm square, so it can be installed into a 600 mm-square ceiling opening.

AET, underfloor air conditioning, air conditioning

London refurbishment features underfloor air conditioning

As part of the full structural reconfiguration and refurbishment of 33 Glasshouse Street in central London, AET Flexible Space is supplying underfloor air conditioning. The building has a Grade 2-listed facade and is being refurbished to form larger, open-plan floor plates and Cat A office accommodation on floors three to seven.

Trane chillers use HFO

Trane’s Sentesis eXcellent range of air-cooled chillers use HFO R1234ze as the refrigerant, which has a GWP of less than one when used in this design. These chillers offer capacities from 500 to 1260 kW. Applications include data centres, hospitals, and large office buildings.

Discreet comfort

Refurbishment projects often require effective control of comfort conditions within strict aesthetic constraints. Rinus Groenewald of Unico explains why small-duct high-velocity air-conditioning systems can offer a discreet alternative to other solutions.

Toshiba, R32, air conditioning

Toshiba brings R32 systems to UK

Toshiba latest generation of luxury residential air-conditioning systems are based on refrigerant R32, which has a much lower global-warming potential (GWP) than the commonly used R410A. The GWP of R32 is 675, compared to 2088 for R410A. In addition the charge of R32 can be 30% less than for R410A for the same cooling capacity.

Johnson Controls plans for R513A as drop-in replacement for R134a

In response to growing legislative pressure to use refrigerants with lower GWPs, Johnson Controls has made the decision to enhance its HFC product lines by confirming that all screw and centrifugal chillers (air-cooled and water-cooled) will be fully future-compatible with R315A. This refrigerant is an HFC/HFO blend and has a GWP of 631. It is suitable as a drop-in replacement for R134a, which has a GWP of 1430. It has a low toxicity and is not flammable.

air conditioning, Carrier, chiller

London project sees the first use of new Carrier chiller

The first installation of Carrier AquaForce chillers equipped with variable-speed inverter-driven screw compressors delivers air conditioning for two office developments at 1 and 2 New Ludgate in central London. The 30XAV 950 chillers are equipped with Greenspeed intelligence to help deliver excellent part-load performance.

air conditioning, Reznor, packaged HVAC

Reznor moves into packaged HVAC equipment

Reznor has launched its first packaged HVAC set. The P125 packaged unit provides heating, cooling and ventilation for commercial and industrial applications. It is a complete standalone solution that provides energy-efficient cooling and heating with the ability to supply fresh air and extract air.

air conditioning, underfloor air conditioning, AET

Underfloor air conditioning provides flexibility for Centrica Energy headquarters

Underfloor air conditioning based on the AET Flexible Space approach is proving a flexible and modular approach for heating and cooling the Aberdeen headquarters of Centric Energy, a leading oil and gas company in the UK. The £45 million IQ building provides 13 766 m2 of office accommodation. It has a 4-storey atrium and double-height atrium with large, flexible floor plates.

air conditioning, Powrmatic

Powrmatic offers Midea air conditioning units

The Mission range of high-wall heat-pump split-system air conditioners from Midea Air Conditioning Group are available in the UK through Powrmatic. Cooling capacities are 2.3 and 3.5 kW. They come with an infra-red remote controller and can also be controlled via Wi-Fi.

air conditioning, Lindab, chilled beams

Lindab chilled beams deliver energy-efficient climate control in Sweden

Lindab’s Solus chilled-beam system has been chosen to deliver energy-efficient climate control for a landmark building in Sweden, the Round House in the Munksjöstaden district. Pairing Solus with renewable-energy sources such as free cooling and ground-source heat pumps can achieve energy savings of up to 45%. The system includes nearly 600 Solus chilled beams and the entire ducting system. Pascal VAV system are being used in areas where the heating load can change very quickly, such as conference rooms.

air conditioning, Fujitsu, Commissioning

An installation is not complete without commissioning

The difference between a newly installed air-conditioning system working perfectly or not at all can be down to a methodical commissioning process, says Martyn Ives of Fujitsu.

air conditioning, Toshiba, training

Toshiba demonstrates its training facilities in Manchester

Toshiba Air Conditioning recently joined forces with installer BL Refrigeration to host a 2-day training event at Toshiba’s new state-of-the-art training centre in Manchester. It was attended by staff from consultants Arup, Cogan & Shackleton and WYG, all based in Belfast.

The next stage of refrigerant phase-out/phase-down

Refrigerants have been an environmental issue for many years. Having dealt with CFCs and HFCs, the pressure now moves on to HCFCs, with R32 being seen as solution. Ken Sharpe reports.

air conditioning, Panasonic

Panasonic takes off at GE Aviation

The latest stage of the long-term programme to replace HVAC systems to improve energy efficiency at the aviation headquarters of GE Aviation involved the installation of Panasonic’s recently developed PACi range of indoor and outdoor units. Eight PACi Elite 14 kW units were installed outdoors, with four under-ceiling units and four wall-ducted systems indoors. A further 28 kW of PACi cooling technology has been installed in the factory. R410A is the refrigerant.

air conditioning, Panasonic, control

Panasonic develops cloud-based control

Panasonic Smart Cloud is a cloud-based control solution that enables businesses to manage their cooling and heating systems remotely via a smartphone or PC. It can optimise operations and performance across multiple sites. Automated alerts and error messages are provided in real time

air conditioning, Airedale, Barkell, AHU

Airedale and Barkell deliver cooling solution for ACC Liverpool

Airedale and AHU manufacturer Barkell worked with the M&E contractor to design and engineer an energy-efficient and resilient cooling solution for the latest addition to ACC Liverpool, currently home to BT Convention Centre and Echo Arena.

air conditioning, Marflow Hydronics, valve sets, fan coil units
The reasons for not using prefabricated valve sets — Oliver jones.

The perks of prefabrication

Even though using prefabricated valve sets in water distribution systems saves time and money and can make life a lot easier for those on site, they’re still not the obvious choice for many contractors and installers. Oliver Jones of Marflow Hydronics tries to find out why.

air conditioning, Daikin UK, SEER, seasonal efficiency
Delivering seasonal efficiency — Graham Wright.

Air conditioning for all seasons

Attention to the seasonal energy efficiency and accurate sizing of climate-control systems is one of the keys to meeting the requirements of Government legislation and energy schemes, says Graham Wright of Daikin UK.

air conditioning, Klima-Therm, chiller, Gree, SolarPV

Solar energy meets air conditioning

A major Chinese manufacturer is demonstrating how to use solar energy to power large-scale air conditioning. Roberto Mallozzi and Tim Mitchell of Klima-Therm look at the significance.

air conditioning, Mitsubishi Electric, SCOP, SEER, seasonal efficiency
Control as a key factor to improving energy efficiency — Scott McGavin

The growing pressure to boost energy efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric’s Scott McGavin looks at what legislative changes mean for building operators and manufacturers, and how improvements in design and controls are helping increase seasonal efficiencies and performance.

air conditioning, BSRIA, chiller, Turbocor, FCU, fan-coil unit, VRF
Market prospects — David Garwood.

The UK market for air conditioning heats up

Unlike much of the world, the UK air-conditioning market was buoyant last year, but there might be a tough year ahead. David Garwood of BSRIA looks at the statistics.

Carrier wins award for air-conditioning products

Carrier UK has won an air-conditioning product of the year award for its Aquaforce 30XW-V water-cooled chilled. It was one of the ACR Today national air-conditioning awards for 2014, and the judges remarked that it was a ‘neat package with time-proven technology’.

Air conditioning, Dunham-Bush, fan coil unit, FCU

Dunham-Bush moves into controlling fan-coil units

Dunham-Bush now offers a range of Zone Flow controls that can be specified with many of its fan-coil units. Zone Flow’s key features are simplifying commissioning, setup, adjustment and maintenance of FCUs.

Air conditioning, LG

LG’s tablet-like air-conditioning controller

LG Air Conditioning’s tablet-like AC Smart Premium controller can control up to 128 devices — including air conditioners, heat-recovery ventilation systems and air-handling units. The home screen of this 25 cm touch controller shows the current state of the system including how many units are running and how many are not running. It also shows what scheduled events are due that day and at what times — and if a unit is faulty.

Air conditioning, Hitachi, split air conditioning

Hitachi improves Utopia range of IVX splits

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe’s latest generation of Utopia IVX splits sees improvements across both the Premium and Standard models, which are available from 2 hp single phase up to 12 hp 3-phase.

Air conditioning, Adcock, R22

Adcock launches R22 awareness campaign

Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has launched a campaign to highlight an issue of refrigerant legislation that could affect over half of commercial properties in the UK. It concerns the complete phase out of R22, which has a small ozone-depletion potential, after the end of 2014, so it will be illegal to use it for topping up and maintaining air-conditioning equipment.

Air conditioning. Frigesco, defrost
Energy already rejected by a refrigeration system is used by this Frigesco unit for defrosting evaporators.

Reject heat is saved to defrost food storage

Frigesco’s flash-defrost system for cold rooms and refrigerated cabinets has won an international award at Clean Equity Monaco 2014. The system uses a phase-change material to store heat rejected by the refrigeration system in normal operation and uses it to defrost evaporators without the need for additional energy.

Air conditioning, Airedale International, chiller
Micro-coil channels in a V-block formation increase surface area for heat exchange — reducing pressure drop and allowing more air to pass through the coil.

Energy-efficiency insights

What goes into creating energy-efficient products such as chillers. George Hannah of Airedale International gives an insight.

Air conditioning, chiller, ThermOzone
Toasting the success of ThermOzone’s new chiller operation — (from left) directors Trevor Dann, Tom Brumwell and Mathew Brumwell. And that number plate does read R22 GON.

ThermOzone moves to chiller market with bespoke offering

ThermOzone has marked its 20th-anniversary year with the opening of a new factory as the base for its Nu-Chill operation. Nu-Chill builds on the company’s established Re-Chill refurbishment and upgrading service for chillers and delivers bespoke plant for customers wanting to replace existing plant with a new chiller. This factory, ThermOzone’s third, is in Nottinghamshire and called Celsius House.

Air conditioning, LG, VRF
A voice of experience in VRF — Jody Lees.

Benefiting from the voice of experience in air conditioning

Jody Lees of LG draws on many years of experience in the air-conditioning industry experience to explain what VRF manufacturers can do and should be doing for specifiers, consultants and end-users.

Air conditioning, Klima-Therm, refrigerants, HFC, F-gas, F gas
Alternative to HFCs — Roberto Mallozzi (left) and Tim Mitchell.

The future of F gases?

Now that the EU has a framework policy for F gases, Tim Mitchell and Roberto Mallozzi of Klima-Therm reflect on the future for refrigerants with high GWPs.

Air conditioning, Toshiba, AMP
The expanded AMP sales team line-up.

Toshiba air-conditioning distributor AMP expands its sales team

AMP, one of the UK’s longest-established independent air-conditioning distributors, has expanded its sales team to support continued growth. The recruitment of three sales engineers (Andy Coleman, Andy Wilks and Rob Woods) has increased the sales team to 15 external and five internal staff.

The final countdown for R22

There is still lots of equipment out there using R22 which will become unserviceable at the end of this year. Trevor Dann of ThermOzone traces the journey to this point and the options over the next few months.

Air conditioning, Ability Projects, fan coil unit
A fan-coil system that balances itself — TPK House in Wellington, New Zealand.

Fan-coil units exercise self control

Enabling fan-coil units to control the flow rate of water through them opens up a host of energy saving, installation and operational benefits. Peter Lowther of Ability Projects describes how they have led to the company’s first full Matrix project outside the UK.

Air conditioning, Waterloo Air Ptoducts, chilled beam, chilled ceiling
Economical to run and maintain — Rick Edmondson.

Beaming good technology

Chilled beams and free cooling offer a persuasive combination when it comes to improving a building’s carbon footprint — says Rick Edmondson, of Waterloo Air Products.

A world perspective on air conditioning

Europe and the UK are very small players in the world air-conditioning market, which is generally showing signs of recovery. BSRIA’s Saziye Dickson discusses how the market, including the UK, is developing.



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