2010 March

Syntegra Consulting, Code for Sustainable Homes

Syntegra Consulting is offering developers and architects one-hour free seminars on the Code for Sustainable Homes. They can be arranged at short notice and held on practice premises at any time of the working day.

Comdronic, commissioning

The AC6 Commissioning Meter from Comdronic is compact, lightweight and user friendly. 0 to 250 kPa differential pressure range (600 kPa also available). Database of over 2600 valves and devices from 52 manufacturers.

Logic4training, training, assessment

Logic4training has opened a centre in Luton, putting its training and assessment services within easy reach of installers throughout the Midlands and south east of England. The new centre is housed in a 1000 m2 building within easy reach of the motorway network. It provides the full range of Logic4training courses, delivered by an experienced team of training professionals.

Danlers, time lag switches, controls

Danlers designs and manufactures a range of indoor and outdoor electronic time-lag switches for lighting or heating loads. They are ideal for simply saving energy in stairwells, store rooms, student accommodation, smoking shelters etc.

Honeywell, DHW, valves, domestic hot water

A new prison in Scotland has been fitted with 130 Honeywell Kombi-4 throttle valves to ensure immediate domestic hot water from all outlets. Two Honeywell SV300 fast-acting safety valves are also installed to prevent over-pressure in the booster cold-water system.

Air conditioning, Daikin, Emura

Daikin Europe has won an IF Product Design Award for its recently introduced Emura design-led heat-pump room air conditioning fan coil unit. This is the 56th year of this award, organised by International Forum Design GmbH and is one of the best known international design competitions.

Bitzer, compressors, refrigerants

Bitzer UK has moved to new headquarters in Milton Keynes. All manufacture from the former Grays site has been transferred, along with production, warehousing and management functions for the previous UK headquarters in Milton Keynes. The new premises also includes new training and conference facilities.

Vaillant, boiler scrappage scheme

Vaillant is offering an additional year’s warranty on any new boiler with a SEDBUK A rating or renewable appliance purchased as part of the Government’s boiler scrappage scheme.

Big Foot, roof top plan

The Big Foot Systems website has a fresh new look to reflect its ongoing success and development.

Automated Building Controls Group, energy audit

Building and facilities managers across England are being offered a 50% discount against the cost of a building-specific energy audit designed to reduce energy consumption and slash bills. The offer is made by building and energy-management specialist Automated Building Controls Group (ABC Group). It includes an on-site survey of BMS and HVAC controls, a detailed energy report and a review meeting on site to discuss the findings in detail.

Parts Center

Parts Center has opened 20 new counters for HVAC spares within Plumb Center branches around the country. They stock a wide range of spares for such leading names as Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Honeywell and Siemens.

Daikin, Altherma, heat pump

Daikin’s Altherma HT (high-temperature) heat pump has received two Rushlight 2009 awards in appreciation of ‘the most significant overall contribution to renewable-energy technology during 2009.’ The Altherma HT won the ground- and air-source power award and also the Rushlight natural energy award — beating the winners of the other categories (solar, wind power, marine energy and hydropower).

Merlin Power Management, Gas Safe, standy generators

In response to the increase in gas-powered generators and CHP systems being sold in the UK, engineers with Merlin Power Management are undertaking Gas Safe training courses. About half of Merlin’s engineers have now achieved Gas Safe registration.

Danfoss Randall, balancing, CPD

With the now almost universal use of variable-flow heating and cooling systems, Danfoss Randall has sought to bring together all aspects of system balance and control into one CPD seminar.

Flakt Woods, chilled beams, MCSBs

Flakt Woods has enlarged its range of chilled beams with the Stella exposed multi-service chilled beam (pictured) and the integrated Astra. They are part of the IQ-Star range. The provide demand-controlled ventilation based on room occupancy to reduce ventilation and heating and cooling loads by 10 to 30%.

Dimplex. Microgeneration Certification Scheme, heat pump

Two Dimplex heat pumps have been recognised by the Government’s Microgeneration Certification scheme, making them eligible for LCBP2 and CERT funding. Through the course of the approvals process, Dimplex has agreed a methodology with certification body BRE for families of products to be tested and approved together.

MHS Radiators, aluminium radiator, space heating

The Zero range of low-cost lightweight aluminium radiators from MHS radiators has contemporary styling and offers heat outputs from 423 to 3068 W. They have a low water content, so they heat up rapidly. An operating pressure of up to 16 bar enables them to be used in high-rise buildings.

Fujitsu, air conditioning, VRF

Fujitsu’s Airstage V-II DC inverter-controlled VRF air-conditioning system is 20% lighter than the previous equivalent and can handle total pipe lengths of up to 1000 m. Significant reductions to installation time have been achieved by adopting a removable L-shaped font panel. Compressor noise has been reduced by shielding the compressor compartment. Electronic expansion-valve control in each indoor unit controls temperature to ±0.5 K.

Monodraught, Cool-phase, phase change cooling

Monodraught’s Cool-phase passive cooling system uses a phase-change material (PCM) to control the temperature in a room. When the room temperature is high, the PCM changes phase so as to absorb heat. When the room temperature is cool, the PCM changes phase to release heat. A cool-phase module has a thermal mass equivalent to 9 t of concrete.

Saracen, Plumb Center, waterless urinal

The Saracen waterless urinal system is distributed exclusively by Plumb Center and incorporates the company’s Water Warrior technology. As well as saving water, the dual patented system eradicates the build up of limescale. A patented cartridge neutralises odours above the bowl, and the waste housing acts as a hygienic seal against odours emitted from within the pipework below the bowl.

Rada, shower, Part M

Rada’s Sense Dual Shower T3 has two shower heads (one fixed and one with a hose) that can be selected by the user. It is designed with children and the less able in mind and suitable for all commercial and public-sector requirements that need to meet the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations. Sense Dual Shower T3 combines a diverter show with two heads with the company’s intelligent digital thermo­static mixing valve technology.

Hitachi Europe has expended its Utopia Centrifugal range of air conditioners with three models with DC inverter-driven scroll compressors. The new units have cooling capacities from 7.2 to 25.5 kW and EERs of up to 3.4. They are up to 25% more efficient in typical UK operating conditions compared to the previous fixed-speed models.

Daikin, air conditioning, Emura

Daikin Europe’s Emura air-conditioning unit is described as stylish and strikingly attractive. It has an ultra-thin profile and can be finished in matt crystal white or sandblasted aluminium. These units have been designed in Europe for the European climate and have an EER of up to 4.46 (Energy Label A). There are three classes of unit with cooling capacities from 2.5 to 5.0 kW. They can also provide heating. Sound-pressure level can be as low as 22 dB(A).

Powrmatic has introduced a range of condensing suspended gas-fire unit heaters. The NVS range provides outputs from 30 to 140 kW and has a secondary non-ferrous heat exchanger to recover latent heat from the flue gases. These heaters can be operated on natural gas or propane. The fuel savings achieved enable the extra capital cost to be recovered within a year.

Potterton Commercial, ground source heat pump, boiler

Potterton Commercial’s GeoFlo range of ground-source heat pumps has controls that are based on the same platform as its Paramount Two and Eurocondense Two condensing boilers, enabling them to be combined in an integrated system. Geoflo heat pumps have an output of 21 kW and can achieve COPs of up to 4.7. They can be installed in multiple-unit cascade configuration.

MHS radiators, towel rail

The Krom range of aluminium towel rails from MHS Radiators is said to have up to 40% higher output than chrome towel rails of a similar size. Being of aluminium and having low water content, these towel rails are light in weight and can easily be installed onto stud walls. Heating options include electric only, central heating only and dual fuel.

The latest additions to Rinnai’s range of continuous-flow water heaters are the HDC1500 and HDC1200 condensing models. These compact wall-mounted units can be fuelled by natural gas or LPG. Condensing models have a gross operating efficiency of up to 95%, making them 12% more efficient than their conventional counterparts. Output is up to 56 kW for natural gas and 67 kW for LPG. Modulation enables them to be turned down to 2.6 kW.

Solid Air, OKNI, chilled beam

Solid Air has overcome many problems associated with traditional designs of chilled beams by adding both variable-air-volume and air-direction control to its OKNI range of active chilled beams. Called eXtravent, this feature enables the volume of primary air to be changed if, for example, the space served changes from standard office space to a meeting room.

Lochinvar, DHW, domestic hot water, EcoKnight, boiler

The latest additions to Lochinvar’s EcoKnight range of gas-fired boilers and water heaters add higher outputs. The boiler range now comprises eight models with outputs from 41 to 228 kW, based on flow/return of 50/30°C. The eight models of water heaters are designed for use with direct storage vessels and cover recovery rates from 700 to 3800 l/h through a 50 K temperature rise.

Grundfos, pump, pressure booster, pressure boosting

To overcome the problem of low water pressure in small commercial and domestic premises, Grundfos offers an engineered solution in the form of a pressurised hot-and-cold-water system connected to a Grundfos pressure-boosting pump. The boosting products range includes simple on/off controlled single pumps, with or without integral water-storage tank, up to variable-speed constant-pressure packaged sets.

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