2011 May

Hager, RCBO, electrical accessories

Hager has extended is range of RCBOs with 10 kA breaking capacity to help electrical contractors meet the requirements of the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. The company now offers a full range of single-pole 10 kA RCBOs with B and C type tripping characteristics.

Uponor, pipework, pipe jointing

A new pipe-jointing system from Uponor that can be used with its MLCP (multi-layer composite pipe) provides visual confirmation that a joint has been made through a transparent window. No tools are needed to make joints. The key to the security of these joints is a high-tension metal ring inside them. Constructed from high-carbon steel, the spring-like ring uses that same technology as the automotive industry used for ABS brakes.

Aereco, demand controlled ventilation, indoor air quality

Aereco’s demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) system is said to have much lower energy usage than conventional systems. These systems are much cheaper to install than MVHR systems and also to have low maintenance costs. As homes have ever-lower air-leakage rates, Aereco is promoting its system with the slogan ‘in our rush to seal up our homes form the cold, let’s not forget we have to live in them’ (illustration).

Hamworthy Heating, wall hung boiler, space heating

Hamworthy’s recently launched Fleet range of boilers includes wall-hung versions. There are eight models with outputs from 40 to 150 kW. All models have heat exchangers based on aluminium-alloy casting for high-efficiency condensing performance. They are suitable for working pressures of up to 6 bar.

Finder, sensors, PIR

Additions to Finder’s 18 Series of PIR motion detectors can meet the needs of applications with higher ceilings, higher loads and those requiring direct interface to a PLC or BMS. There are two versions, one for flush fitting and the other for surface mounting.

Daikin, chiller, air conditioning

Daikin Europe’s EWAD~CZ range of air-cooled chillers with inverter-driven screw compressors achieve an ESEER (European seasonal energy-efficiency rating) of up to 6, with optional fan-speed regulation. Variable-speed operation makes the well suited to applications with variable loads, such as comfort cooling.

Glow-worm, renewable energy, heat pump

Glow-worm’s Hybrid domestic heating system is claimed to cut heating bills by up to 30% when replacing an existing standard-efficiency boiler and carbon footprint by up to 40%. Larger savings are possible if the boiler is an old heavyweight model. The Hybrid system combines a boiler and air-to-water heat pump.

Members of the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association now have access to a tailor-made microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) for installers of renewable technologies. Thus benefit has been introduced as a result of a strategic alliance finalised by HVCA subsidiary Building Engineering Services Accreditation (BESCA) and independent certification body for the electrical industry NICEIC.

Dimplex, renewable energy, Solar thermal, DHW

The launch by Dimplex of the EC Eau range of unvented water cylinders for heat pumps and solar-thermal enables the company to offer a complete solution for water heating using renewable energy. The range is made from 60% recycled materials and delivers mains-pressure hot water. A key design feature is the corrugated surface on the heat exchangers to maximise surface area and maintain a high usable volume of water.

Vent-Axia, renewable energy, heat pump

Vent-Axia has been accredited for the Microgeneration Certification for its Thernamic series of ground-source heat pumps by the British Board of Agrèment. They are therefore fully compliant with the technology requirements of the MCS and qualify for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive, which requires the installer and the equipment to be MCS certified.

Logic Certification, renewable energy, Solar PV

Training organisation Logic Certification has launched a solar-PV designer course in response to growing demand from potential customers for solarPV but without the necessary experience to undertake the practical training. The course has been created for those requiring a fuller understanding of PV configuration and is intended for anyone involved in designing or managing solar-PV systems for others to install.

Remeha, renewable energy, solar thermal, DHW

Remeha has introduced an indirect solar-thermal water-heating system for homes that can meet up to 55% of the annual demand for domestic hot water and all of it in the Summer. The Sola system comprises insulated flat-plate panels for installing on the roof and a cylinder with a special coil in the bottom to transfer heat from the solar fluid to the water stored in the cylinder. The panels have a sealed low-iron glass cover to improve energy collection from ultra-violet and infra-red light, even on cloudy days.

Plumb Center, renewable energy

Plumb Center is taking its renewables roadshow to six strategically selected locations during September. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with dozens of exhibiting manu­facturers, merchants and professional bodies. There will also be four theatre areas providing demonstrations of domestic and non-domestic technologies, explanations of grants, legislation and regulations and also explanations of qualifications and providers.

Sharp Solar, renewable energy, solar PV

Despite drastic cuts in the Feed-in Tariff, Andrew Lee sees huge opportunities for Solar-PV in the UK

Mitsubishi Electric, renewable energy, Solar PV, Heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its commitment to renewable-energy technologies with the opening of a new training centre for renewable energy at its headquarters in Hatfield, Herts. The new centre enables the company to double the availability of training courses to 4000 a year. The company is also establishing long-term links with schools and colleges to fill the knowledge gap surrounding renewable technologies and capture the next generation of plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, air-conditioning and photo-voltaic installers.

Dimplex, renewable energy, solar thermal, DHW

Dimplex has added three new products to its solar-thermal water-heating range. They are a cost-effective plate collector, a high-performance evacuated-tube option and a single-branch pump station.

Andrews Water Heaters, renewable energy, DHW, solar Thermal

Visitors to The Building Centre in London can see in operation at SOLARflo solar-thermal water-heating system from Andrews Water Heaters. It is based on evacuated tubes, and visitors can see how much heat is being collected on a display in the permanent stand of Baxi Commercial Division in the showcase galleries.

Hoval, renewable energy

Hoval has marked the upgrading of its training centre at the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE) in Nottinghamshire with an open day for students from Nottingham University Faculty of Engineering. 12 students visited the facility for a presentation and discussion with Hoval’s renewables experts followed by hands-on examination of fully functional heat pumps, solar-thermal systems, biomass boilers, photo-voltaic system and wind turbine installed at the centre.

Baxi Commercial, renewable energy, heat pump, space heating, DHW

Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, both part of Baxi Commercial Division, offer an extensive range of LZC (low- to zero-carbon) products that can be integrated with more tradition plant-room equipment such as direct-fire water heaters and boilers to reduce running costs and carbon emissions for commercial buildings.

BSRIA, renewable energy, ESCo, contract energy management

Between micro-installations and large-scale renewables are community-scale projects — with huge potential to help exploit renewable energy. Gambi Chiang explains how contract energy management can help develop this sector.

Feta, renewable energy, Heat Pump Association, HPA

Heat pumps can deliver renewable energy 24/7, and there are few heating and cooling applications that cannot benefit from this technology. And with the Renewable Heat Incentive about to come into effect, the market is poised to grow faster than ever. Terry Seward puts heat pumps into context.

MHS Boilers, renewable heat, Solar thermal, DHW

MHS Boilers has introduced a flat-panel solar-thermal collector that can be installed in the roof, on the roof or in a frame. The Solartron S2.5 from Elco has been designed to be very easy to install using only a cordless screwdriver, hammer and tape measure. These panels are available as horizontal and vertical hydraulically optimised versions, and each orientation is supplied with matching mounting systems and roof flashings. Collector fields can be created from multiple panels.

Solar SW, renewable energy, Solar PV

1125 MWh of electricity are expected to be produced each year by a 1.16 MW solar-PV installation in Somerset. The system was designed and installed by Solar SW using modules from A-Sun. Some of the panels are roof mounted, with the rest on the ground. Much of the electricity generated will be used on site, with the excess exported to the grid. The installation is expect to save 550 t of CO2 a year.

Mitsubishi Electric, renewable energy, Ecodan, heat pump

Monitoring of an installation of a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air-source heat pump in Hertfordshire has shown that it achieved an overall COP of 3.0 during December 2010, when the country faced long-periods of sub-zero temperatures. The trial shows that air-source heat pumps will work effectively under such harsh conditions and also highlights the importance of selecting rad­iators and heat emitters properly and ensuring that homeowners do know how to get the best from their system.

The most cost-effective reductions in carbon-dioxide emissions form biomass boilers is best achieved by supporting them with condensing boilers. Chris Miles and Stefan Gautsch explain why they are the perfect partnership.

Heatrae Sadia, renewable energy, solar thermal, DHW

Over the last few years heating engineers, specifiers and manufacturers have learned a great deal about the use of solar-thermal technology to produce domestic hot water for buildings and are now highly experienced in the area. Simon Russell looks at how to get the best out of a solar-thermal DHW system.

Ideal Commercial Heating, renewable energy

The Government has created a complex tapestry of incentives to try and boost the uptake of renewables across the built environment. Nick Stevenson likes the principle, but is cautious about the lack of detail.

Gas Sensing Solutions, BMS, BEMS, EnOcean, CO2 sensor

Gas Sensing Solutions has introduced an EnOcean-compatible wireless CO2 sensor. Cozir uses room light to produce power and does not require batteries. Three readings are taken every 10 minutes and the values sent to a receiver so they can be used to control a ventilation system.

Swindon Marriott Hotel is enjoying a 30% reduction in kitchen energy costs following the installation of a Cheetah system by Food Industry Technical. The installation is expected to reduce energy costs by over £10 000 a year and achieve a return on investment of 14 months. CO2 emissions are being reduced by about 50 t a year.

Hamworthy Heating, BMS, BEMS, boiler sequence controller, Merley

To achieve good control of multiple-boiler installations, Hamworthy Heating has introduced the Merley boiler sequence controller. Using Siemens controls platform technology, the Merley can control up to 16 boiler modules, based on time and temperature requirements.

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