2011 November

BRE has issued updated guidelines on ways to achieve good natural lighting in homes and non-domestic buildings. These guidelines are widely used by local authorities to help determine whether a new development blocks too much daylight and sunlight to existing properties nearby. This report supersedes 1991 guidelines and gives advice on site layout to achieve good sunlighting and daylighting — both within buildings and in the open spaces between them.

Thermal imaging

03 November, 2011

The thermal imaging of building fabric is covered in a new guide from BSRIA, which replaces the previous edition dating from 2002. It includes updates on Building Regulations, advances in camera technology and improved methods of analysing images. It aims to help people involved in constructing, owning and operating buildings with obtaining the thermal imaging they need and understanding of the information that can be obtained.

Mitsubishi Electric, Part F, CPD

CPD guide to Part F

03 November, 2011

Mitsubishi Electric has released a CPD-accredited guide to Part F of the Building Regulations, providing information about regulation changes to building ventilation. This detailed guide looks at the types of ventilation systems available to help remove moist and stale air from homes and offices to prevent the built-up of damp, mould and the associated illnesses that can arise.

Adaptaflex, flexible electrical conduit

Adaptaflex’s guide to the specification of flexible electrical conduit systems will assist in understanding exactly which conduit systems should be used in particular electrical installations. This guide looks at the many demands, way beyond simple cable management, that are put on flexible conduit systems. These include considerations such as environmental protection, mechanical protection, fire resistance, vibration resistance and various types of liquid resistance.

ABB, variable speed drive

ABB’s latest version of its award-winning 6-step energy-saving plan explains the best way to save money using variable-speed drives and high-efficiency motors. The plan is captured in a free 24-page guide which is available onlne from ABB’s web site or as a free brochure.

Hamworthy Heating has made a considerable investment in updating its web site to include extensive and up-to-date details on all the company’s product ranges, technical brochures, CAD drawings and installation manuals. The new site also has a dedicated customer-service section to provide access to pre- and after-sales support, as well as information regarding product servicing and commissioning.

Dimplex, heat pump, renewable energy

A short documentary-style film exploring the use of renewable-energy technologies in all types of buildings has been produced by Dimplex. Called ‘Living and working’, the film focuses on a wide variety of different projects where heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV are in use.

air conditioning, Daikin, heating, Heat recovery

Daikin UK has launched an interactive virtual environment to indicate the energy savings available using its integrated heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation and hot-water solutions. Daikin City will help users explore new horizons in carbon reduction. It offers a series of interactive buildings where visitors can compare the dramatic energy savings that might be achieved by harnessing the latest innovations in heat recovery to provide low-cost heating, refrigeration, ventilation and hot water.

Sirius Pipekit, Vulcathene, pipework

Sirius Pipekit, a specialist distributor of plastic pipework, has launched an online sales store. One of the first brands to be sold online will be the Vulcathene chemical drainage pipework system. The full range of Vulcathene pipe and fittings and complementary bench items such as wastes, sinks, drips cups, anti-siphon traps and dilution vessels will be available.

Geberit, PPCB fire sprinkler system

Geberit says that it has been awarded the first ever LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approval for a pressfitting system for fire-protection systems. The approval covers all sizes of Mapress piping up to 108 mm and includes wet and dry sprinkler systems, re-action systems, low-pressure water spray and mist systems, foam water sprinkler systems, deluge systems, hydrant systems and extinguishing water pipes.

Big Foot Systems, renewable energy, Solar PV

Big Foot Systems offers the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Ellis Patents, cable cleat, short circuit

Ellis Patents has received CPD accreditation for its course ‘Cable cleats: a device for short-circuit protection’. The course can be given at the company’s headquarters in Rillington, North Yorkshire, or taken to a client. It provides a comprehensive overview of the appropriate technical standards relating to cable cleats and their use in securing insulated power cables.

Humidity Solutions, relative humidity, humidifier, Electro Vap

Humidity Solutions has signed an exclusive agreement with Devatec, which manufactures Electro Vap electrode boiler humidifiers. Alex Ziche, sales manager with Devatec, is shown signing the agreement with John Barker, sales director with Humidity Solutions.

GASTEK CRE, MCS training

GASTEC at CRE Ltd (GaC), the independent testing, accreditation and training organisation, has launched a new ‘MCS Advisor’ training programme. GaC identified this critical gap in the training of MCS installers following extensive market research and the review of performance data from installed renewable-energy appliances across the UK. It appears that many consumers consider there is a disappointing gap between actual performance and their expectations — a case of over-promising and under-delivery blamed on retailers and installers.

Sirius Products, electrostatic precipitation, air filtration

Sirius Products has developed an electrostatic precipitator that sends almost zero waste to landfill throughout its entire lifecycle. The ESP has been specifically designed to remove up to 98% of grease, smoke and other airborne pollutants from commercial kitchen extracts. Its cylindrical collection tubes ensure an efficient and enhanced ionisation field that is ideal for professional kitchen emissions without the need for additional non-recyclable filters. Sirius has also invested in ultrasonic cleaning technology, allowing virtually waste-free cleaning and maintenance.

Chiller, Daikin, inverter control, SpaceAir

All the advantages of inverter control have been brought to the small chiller market with the launch by Daikin of the R410A EWA/YQ~BA range. Part-load efficiency is improved, enabling a seasonal energy-efficiency rating (ESEER) of up to 4.5 to be achieved. The integrated inverter also reduces start-up current and achieves a power factor of at least 0.95.

Chiller, Daikin, inverter control, SpaceAir

All the advantages of inverter control have been brought to the small chiller market with the launch by Daikin of the R410A EWA/YQ~BA range. Part-load efficiency is improved, enabling a seasonal energy-efficiency rating (ESEER) of up to 4.5 to be achieved. The integrated inverter also reduces start-up current and achieves a power factor of at least 0.95.

Grundfos, pump, booster set

Grundfos’s range of single-phase pre-packaged CMB/CMBE booster sets is based around the CM stainless-steel booster pump. They are suitable for applications that require clean water to be delivered from a cold-water storage tank, such as when boosting to pressurised hot- and cold-water systems, above-ground storage tanks and water-transfer applications.

UPS, Socomec

Socomec’s Masterys Green Power (MGP) 60 to 80 kVA energy-efficient uninterruptible power supply is a standalone, online, double-conversion UPS with an efficiency of 96%, independently certified by TÜV, SÜD and Bureau Veritas. The GP60-80 uses 3-level IGBT inverter technology with a power factor of 0.9 — reducing power and cooling-energy costs by up to 40%.

Raychem’s Frostguard energy-efficient cabling kit is designed to prevent the drain pipe from condensing boilers freezing in cold weather and the boiler shutting down. Frostguard is easily fixed in or on the condensate pipe. Its self-regulating technology means it produces more heat in very cold conditions and less when it is less cold. Power can be drawn from an electrical socket.

Flakt Woods, AHU, energy recovery, heat recovery

Flakt Woods’s E3co Crown range of energy-recovery units exceeds ErP (Energy-related Products Directive) requirements for 2015. These units are based on Eurovent-certified counterflow aluminium heat plate exchangers that can achieve energy-recovery efficiencies in excess of 90%. Other features include fans with EC motors that exceed the Ecodesign targets set for 2015.

Climaveneta, air conditioning, heating, cooling

Climaveneta now provides simultaneous heating and cooling, multi-functional outdoor units over 900 kW. The Integra range is an intelligent 4-pipe system than can generate both hot and chilled water in the same building. The 4-pipe configuration enables heat extracted from areas requiring cooling to be supplied to areas requiring heating — typically reducing energy consumption by around 40% compared to a combination of boiler and chiller, which one Integra unit can replace.

Elbagate, busbar trunking

Busbar trunking

03 November, 2011

Elbagate has been appointed UK distributor of the EAE range of busbar trunking. Made in Turkey, this range of trunking has ratings from 630 to 6300 A with tinned plated aluminium or copper conductors. There are versions with four, five and six conductors. The busbar housing is made from extruded aluminium and finished as standard in RAL epoxy paint, but it can be supplied in any RAL colour at no extra costs.

Venture Lighting, metal halide lamp

Venture Lighting Europe’s Twin Arc metal-halide lamps have a life of up to 50 000 h when used with Venture’s electronic gear, suiting them to installation when relamping is costly and/or disruptive. The twin-arc configuration allows lamps to ignite very quickly if a mains failure extinguishes the other arc, instead of requiring a period of several minutes.

Trane offers power-factor correction equipment for its chillers to improve their efficiency. Raising the power factor by as little as 0.1 will improve available real power by up to 14%. A higher power factor also improves system reliability, minimises voltage drops and offers better power quality — reducing the risk of overheating and premature failure of motors.

VES, heat recovery ventilation

The Ecovent range of heat-recovery units from VES is based on high-efficiency fans and cross-flow heat exchangers. There is a wide range of models for installing in ceiling voids, plant rooms and outside — with a variety of control options to suit whole-system requirements. All units have low specific fan power and are constructed and tested to BS EN 1886:2007 for mechanical performance and DIN 45635-38 for noise performance.

The latest boiler launches from Stokvis are the R40 wall-mounted boiler and the Modupak frame-mounted combination of up to eight boilers in a back-to-back configuration or up to six inline.

Dimplex, solar thermal, evacuated tube, DHW

Dimplex now offers a high-efficiency evacuated-tube solar collect as part of its solar-thermal range for heating water. These direct-flow collectors are designed for commercial and domestic installations and have been specifically designed to give excellent year-round performance in northern-European climates. A vacuum inside the tubes insulates against heat loss caused by cold, wet and windy weather.

Air conditioning, Daikin, heat recovery, DHW

Daikin’s HXHD hydrobox makes it possible to recover heat from a VRVIII air-conditioning system to produce domestic hot water or provide heating to radiators or underfloor heating when combined with the REYAQ-P heat-recovery system (pictured). During Winter, when not enough recovered heat is available, the outdoor unit takes up the difference to produce DHW 17% more efficiently than a traditional gas-boiler solution.

Xpelair, ventilation

Xpelair’s Avantgarde range of domestic ventilation solutions has been expanded and is well suited to refurbishment. Features include a stylish new grille and low-energy thermo-actuator back-draught shutter behind the front fascia. Available in 15 variants, the range features AC motors and includes 100 mm, 150 mm and a SELV 100 mm option.

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