2012 January

Legrand, wiring accessories

The Zetter Townhouse, a new boutique hotel in St John’s Square in the Clerkenwell area of London has become the first building in the UK to install Legrand’s Synergy Flat Plate wiring accessories. Winner of the Good Hotel Guide’s London Hotel of the Year, The Zetter Townhouse has 13 bedrooms and is described as ‘slightly eccentric’ by its owners Mark Sainsbury and Michael Benyan, ‘fabulous’ by The Sunday Times and a ‘tour de force bursting with character and invention’ by The Daily Telegraph.

Flakt Woods, ventilation, MVHR

Flakt Woods has supplied whole-house heat-recovery units as part of an overall ventilation solution for upgrading student accommodation at Exeter University. The development on the university’s Streatham Campus involved new-build and complete fit-out studio accommodation, en-suite bedrooms and kitchens.

Dimplex, renewable, solar pv, photovoltaic

Nearly 2000 Dimplex solar PV panels have been installed at a solar power station in Dorset, said to be the largest of its kind in the county. It comprises 1780 polycrystalline solar PV panels capable of generating over 500 MWh a year and arranged over nine rows on a 3 acre site.

Andrews Water Heaters, DHW

The new football pavilion in Llanbradach Park, Caerphilly, built to replace the building destroyed by arson has its hot-water requirements met by two propane-fired condensing storage water heaters from Andrews Water Heaters. The original building was over a hundred years old and its loss left Caerphilly Town FC and Llanbradach Social FC without playing facilities as they were unable to provide changing rooms for away teams and referees.

Waterwise Technology, water treatment

Waterwise Technology is to supply all the water-treatment for the new BAA Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. When completed, the new building will be larger than Terminal 5 and is designed to produce 40% less carbon than the existing Terminal 2. Water-treatment systems selected for the project will significantly contribute to those energy savings.

Roth, solar thermal, renewable energy, DHW

Recent orders for Roth UK solar-thermal solutions include major contracts for Summerfield Developments for its Cutcombe housing scheme on Exmoor and nearby sites at Williton and Bower Hinton. The projects utilise Roth’s innovative single panel-in-roof kit, selected for system quality, ease of fitting and technical competence of the group’s German manufacturing.

SE controls, smoke ventilation, ventilation

A combined smoke and natural-ventilation system from SE Controls is helping to create a comfortable and safe environment for patients, visitors and staff at Salford Royal Hospital’s new £90 million Hope Building. The 5-storey building houses a new A&E department, as well as providing 242 beds, emergency assessment unit and critical care facilities.

Thermal Technology, AHU, air handling unit

Thermal Technology has supplied a special swimming-pool air-handling unit from its SpaVent range to the Beacon Leisure Centre in Burntlisland, Fife. The unit was selected and sized to serve the flume tower, which is over 19 m high. The unit is at ground level, and a supply air duct delivers warm air 16 m up the tower. Extract air is taken away at a height of about 19 m.

Star Refrigeration, Turbocor. data centre

Existing R22 refrigeration plant in a UK data centre has been replaced with a bespoke cooling system installed by Star Refrigeration using chillers with Turbocor compressors and R134a refrigerant. There are four new chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 1100 kW with variable-speed drives and an air-cooled refrigerant circuit configured for thermosyphon operation to provide free cooling when possible. The previous plant had a cooling capacity of 2700 kW.

Monodraught, natural ventilation, daylight

Natural ventilation and lighting is provided by Monodraught systems for the new school on St Mary’s island for the Isles of Scilly’s 280 pupils aged from three to 16 years. The building is mainly single storey and has large areas of glazing. A focus for the design of the school was keeping things simple to that maintenance of services such as ventilation and lighting could be managed locally by islanders. With this in mind, design-and build contractor Kier, Grainge Architects and building-services designer Hulley & Kirkwood selected Monodraught to provide a strategy for natural ventilation and daylighting.

The total renovation of a house in Ealing includes discreet and energy-efficient heating and cooling provided by IBD Distribution’s Invisible.AC sdhvac system powered by Daikin Altherma heat pumps, which also provide domestic hot water. IBD also recommended underfloor heating for the ground-level stone floor areas.

P4, Fastel, emergency lighting testing

Automatic testing of the emergency lighting in the new multi-million Surrey Sport Park of the University of Surrey is carried out by P4’s M-Web system. Michael Harris, an electrical engineer with the university, explains. ‘We needed to ensure that our emergency-lighting system would provide the safest, most accurate and convenient remote-monitoring procedure through its local-area network. Our objective was also to have a system that would not be labour intensive, would prove maintenance friendly and be accurate.’

Power Electrics Generators

Scottish Hydro Electric has boosted its fleet of trailer generators with the addition of over 40 units from Power Electrics Generators. These 3-phase units have outputs from 33 to 100 kVA and can operate in 3-phase, split-phase, set-to-set synchronising and set-to-mains synchronising modes.

Marshall-Tufflex, electrical distribution

Some 200 h of labour time for the refurbishment of the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport building in Dublin, was achieved using Marshall-Tufflex’s prefabricated MT32 prewired underfloor power-delivery system — according to Donal Hackett of building-services contractor Mercury Engineering.

Durapipe, pipework

A key role in the air-conditioning installation for The Shard in London will be played by Durapipe’s Guardian dual-contained pipework system to transport chemically dosed water from the chillers in the basement to cooling towers at level 18 of this 310 m-tall building. Since this pipework transports chemically dosed water, it was important that the system is not at risk of corrosion. In addition, dual containment ensures the public and environment are protected against potential leaks.

Flir, thermal imaging

Investment in thermal imaging is playing a key role in helping the London Borough of Camden meet targets for reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption by 21% by 2015 and 40% by 2020. The technology makes for efficient identification of problem areas and the creation of public awareness through specially designed tags.

Dimplex, solar PV, photovoltaic, renewable energy

A Yorkshire community that uses Dimplex solar PV panels to generate low-carbon electricity and access the Feed-in Tariffs has featured in a television advertisement for Mars. Fund raising by the villagers of Carperby in Wensleydale included sponsorship from the Mars community programme.

MHI, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, VRF air conditioning

As part of the conversion of an indoor crown-bowls facility in Barnsley into a 7-lane 10-pin bowling venue, air-conditioning equipment from the Ecolution range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been installed. This twin split system supplied by 3D Air Sales is part of a project by Barnsley Premier Leisure.

Wilo, pump

The traditional German beer purity laws originally permitted only water, barley and hops to be used to produce beer. Other substances are now permitted, and at the Paulaner brewery in Munich includes Wilo submersible-motor pumps to draw water from four on-site wells that are up to 240 m deep. The pumps are popular with the brewer because of their reliability and longevity; one of the pumps has operated since 1984 and repaired just once in 2004.

Durapipe, pipework

A key role in the operation of a new £150 million data centre for HSBC in Yorkshire is played by the Durapipe PLX pipe-in-pipe specialist fuel pipework system to deliver fuel oil from storage tanks to standby generators in the case of an emergency. M&E contractor ASEE supplied and installed this pipework system for the centre at Normanton.

HCP. space heating, perimeter heating

HCP has supplied a range of perimeter heating and air-handling grilles for the new Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. Over 1400 m of floor-mounted straight and curved perimeter heaters with double heating elements has been installed. They are encased in stainless-steel metal casings with a horizontal brushed finish to meet aesthetic requirements. A mock-up of the units was prepared with Mercury Engineering Dublin.

Dimplex air curtain

As part of the refurbishment of the Kingsway Hall Hotel in London’s Covent Garden, a Dimplex ARC architectural air curtain has been installed to prevent draughts from the large entrance doorway with automatic sliding doors. These 2 m-high doors open into the main reception and adjacent bar area, and the potential for uncomfortable draughts was recognised by general manager Laszlo Nyari, who consulted with John Kindell of JWK Electrical, the hotel’s electrical contractor.

ABB retrofit variable speed drives

Energy savings of over £26 000 a year are expected at hospital sites in Bradford following the installation of ABB standard drives for HVAC to 28 air-handling units at Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital. The drives are installed in critical areas such as theatres and infection-controlled zones where airflow is controlled to promote safety and comfort. The load on the AHUs varies with outside temperature, but the biggest difference is between day and night, with fans typically running at half speed at night.

Frese, Commissioning, PICV, DPCV, PIBCV, balancing

Changing pressures

05 January, 2012

Stephen Hart looks at the technology that is available to maintain the balance of hydronic systems when the pump speed is reduced to save energy.

Commissioning Specialists Association

Based on his long experience, Ian Hollingsworth is certain that the key to the successful outcome of building projects is detailed attention to commissioning from design to completion.

Dimplex, heat pump, renewable energy

Air-source heat pumps

05 January, 2012

Dimplex has expanded its range of heat pumps with the launch of the air-source LA PMS medium-temperature range of units. These single-phase heat pumps use R290, a naturally occurring refrigerant with a global-warming potential of three. They have capacities of 8 or 14 kW and can deliver variable flow temperatures up to 65°C, weather compensated.

Keraflo, float valve, Aylesbury, water storage

For a good many years the company Keraflo has been associated with the Aylesbury range of float valves for controlling the filling of cold-water storage tanks. The key benefit of these valves is that they allow the water level in a tank to fall by a controlled amount before it is refilled, which brings a range of benefits compared with equilibrium valves.

EnviroVent, ventilation, MVHR

EnviroVent has launched a range of centralised and decentralised mechanical-extract solutions for houses, apartments and communal residences. They meet the requirements of System 3 in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations.

Marco, Ethernet, patching, cable tray

A patching solution for Ethernet cables in steel-wire cable trays or straight-edged galvanised tray is available from Marco. Xspace flexible panels will accept standard LJ6C modules and are available with six-, 12- and 24-way cut-outs. Bend radius is not compromised, so the system can accept Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A and shielded solutions.

CP Electronics, PIR sensor

A 2-channel PIR presence detector from CP Electronics has a detection range of 40 m at a mounting height of 15 m. Hi-Sense provides very precise control through switching or dimming in response to occupancy and light levels. Hi-Sense also has a ‘burn-in’ function to extend the life of fluorescent tubes. Applications include warehouses, factories and retail ‘sheds’.

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