2012 March

Motor Driven Systems Conference

The organisers of the conference on motor-driven systems in November 2011 are planning a follow-up event this year on 7 and 8 November, following a detailed review by the five trade-association stakeholders — BCAS, BEAMA, BPMA, FETA and GAMBICA. The new event will continue to press home the importance of adopting a systems approach to motor-driven apparatus for optimum energy efficiency, addressing the key areas of regulatory affairs, systems engineering and product technology.

Solar PV, renewable energy, Big Foot Systems

Big Foot Systems offers the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Siemens, sensors

The range of Symaro sensors from Siemens measure the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in the room air, acquire temperature, humidity and pressure and — as multisensors — also acquire combinations of measuring variables. The extended portfolio of sensors for indoor air quality, temperature and humidity now includes models for flush-mounting.

Soler & Palau, fan

Soler & Palau claims to be the first fan manufacturer in the UK to be awarded the Quiet Mark of approval from the Noise Abatement Society given to manufacturers of the quietest products on the European market. The accreditation applies to a number of S&P ducted, commercial and bathroom/shower fans — all of which were subjected to rigorous testing and the results verified by the Association of Noise Consultants.

Vortice, ventilation, fan

Vortice, which supplies energy-efficient ventilation systems for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, has reported double-digit growth for 2011, following reasonable single-digit growth for 2009 and 2010. General manager Kevin Hippey comments, ‘Like everyone else in the industry, we’ve had to control our costs over the last three years, but what we’ve also done is ensure that our new-product development plan mirrors and even pre-empts the needs of our customers, and we’ve gone the extra mile in terms of customer service.’

Saint-Gobain PAM UK, cast iron drainage

Saint-Gobain PAM UK has reported significant increases in demand for its innovative push-fit above-ground drainage system. Sales of the Ensign EEZI-FIT cast-iron push-fit products nearly doubled during 2011 over the previous year. These products combine the established virtues of cast iron (strength, robustness, durability, longevity and minimal maintenance) with the ease of installation associated with push-fit systems.

Fike, Fire panel

LPCB approval has been awarded to Fike’s Duonet and Quadnet (pictured) ranges of addressable fire control panels — providing independent confirmation that these versatile panels meet, and will continue to meet, the requirements of EN54, the key European standard relating to components used in fire-alarm systems. Fike now offers a complete portfolio of LPCB-approved equipment, which includes manual call points, as well as detectors, sounders, beacons and panels for 2-wire and addressable installations.

Sirius Products, kitchen ventilation

Air management specialist Sirius Products has developed a modular filtration system designed to eliminate around 98% of perceptible grease, smoke and odour from kitchen extract emissions. This system, consisting of high-performance electrostatic precipitators and UV filtration units, can be configured to accommodate any airflow and any cooking process. It is ideal for use in locations where issues of environmental health and sustainability are of particular concern. By improving capture efficiency and eliminating the need for non-recyclable filters, Sirius’s ESP and UV filtration sends almost zero waste to landfill and significantly reduces overall energy consumption.

D&E Filtration Services, air filter, air filtration

The filter factor

01 March, 2012

After a 10- year break, 50 year old Mark Bamforth returns to the air filtration industry and casts a critical eye over what has changed, and more significantly what hasn’t.

Klima-Therm, Cool-Therm, chiller, air conditioning, Turbocor

The technology gap between Turbocor compressors and conventional compressors is like the gap between an F1 car and a normal road car. Enter then the specialist service engineer, as Roberto Mallozzi and Ken Strong explain.

MHS Boilers, space heating, boiler

The replacement commercial boiler sector offers big market opportunities but is not always as simple as you might first think. Peter Gammon describes the potential difficulties and looks at how old systems and small spaces need not always be a problem.

Buderus, space heating, boiler

In the current challenging economic environment, it is often tempting to delay the servicing of boilers to reduce expenditure. Pete Mills explains why this attitude can often end up incurring greater cost over the longer term.

A-Gas, air conditioning, refrigerant

A-Gas has developed a solution for flushing air-conditioning and refrigeration systems that is non-toxic and not ozone depleting — and which is also easy to use. Called AK Flush, it provides a complete environmental solution when replacing refrigerants.

MHS Boilers, boiler, space heating

Visitors to Erdington Abbey Church in Birmingham are now benefiting from efficient heating following the installation of three 65 kW Thision L boilers from MHS Boilers. Installed on a free-standing cascade frame with a low-loss header and Pisces pressurisation unit, the boilers have replaced three aging units as part of a complete refurbishment of the heating system.

Potterton Commercial, packaged boiler plant, space heating

Heating for the Bush Residential Resource Centre of Bristol City Council is now provided by a modular, condensing packaged boiler plant supplied by Potterton Commercial. The new plant became necessary when a school on the same site with which a heating system was shared was demolished. The centre provides residential short breaks for children with learning difficulties.Pupils attend normal schools during the day and receive care at the residential centre overnight during the week and at weekends to provide short-break care for families.

Vent-Axia, ventilation

Demand-controlled ventilation is an energy-efficient way of providing good indoor air quality. David Cook explains how it can be effectively added to existing systems with AC fans.

ebm-papst UK Ltd, fans

Lurking inside many pieces of equipment with fans in them are AC motors that can frequently be replaced with fans having electronically commutated motors to improve control and save energy — with attractive paybacks. Robert Harness takes up the story

Wessex HVAC & Plumbing, contractor

Wessex HVAC & Plumbing has won a large mechanical maintenance contract with Dorset County Council for the East Dorset area. Winning the contract follows a long process to establish Wessex on the correct framework agreements set up by the council and then tendering for the work against stiff competition.

Rinnai, DHW

The benefits of Rinnai’s continuous-flow water heaters to deliver domestic hot water can be brought to refurbishment projects with a restricted gas supply by using the company’s pack system to add a buffer tank to a bank of heaters to meet peak loads. The concept is especially applicable to hotels, where there can be very short spikes in demand during peak periods, and could reduce the size of the required gas supply by over a third.

R22, air conditioning, Space Airconditioning

The use of HCFC R22 has been long in its banning. With the ultimate deadline fast approaching, Mike Nankivell highlights the benefits of replacing kit that uses R22.

HVCA publications has updated three commercial and legal contracts— ‘CL21 Conditions of trading’, ‘CL70 ‘Maintenance agreement’ and ‘CC8/11 Conditions of sub-sub-contract’.

Danfoss Randall, controls

Heating-controls manufacturer Danfoss has given its web site a fresh look with fast-track navigation to pages tailored to the needs of the heating trade and building professional or domestic heating consumers. The web site includes technical specifications, document downloads, and case studies.

Spirax Sarco, boilers, safe operation

Spirax Sarco has developed a compliance web page for customers with the arrival of the ‘Guide on safe operation of oilers’ (BG01) and ‘Management of industrial and hot water boilers’ (INDG436) guidance notes. The guide explains how the new guidance differs from previous best practice and how to bring existing boiler operations up to scratch. Both guidance notes can be downloaded from the web site, and there is full access to a BG01 presentation from Gastec.

Polypipe Terrain has produced a new commercial brochure with a built-in practical guide to help consultants and contractors working on commercial projects. It sets out Polypipe Terrain’s full product range, the company’s technical support services and the versatility of these offerings across a range of applications.

Daikin, Space Airconditioning, air conditioning

Daikin Europe has launched a range of wall-mounted residential air-conditioning units that meet the design and performance requirements of modern bedrooms. Operational noise levels are as low as 19 dB(A). Inverter control adjusts the power used to match the actual requirement, resulting in an A energy rating for the entire range. Further energy savings can be achieved using the weekly timer and presence detection to automatically activate an economy mode when no-one is in the room.

Seaward Solar, solar PV, renewable energy

Seaward Solar has introduced a test kit for solar PV installations that provides a complete solution to MCS electrical-testing needs and BS EN 62446 easily and safely. Installers have traditionally brought together various test instruments to complete the commissioning tests required by MCS. This kit includes a multi-function PV100 electrical tester with the Solar Survey 100 irradiance meter, a clamp meter and supporting accessories.

Hattersley, Geberit Mapress, valves, press fit

Hattersley has introduced a range of press-fit valves with integrated adaptors for the Geberit Mapress system. Comprising a ball, balancing, strainer and check valve, this range is suitable for use with copper from 12 to 108 mm and Geberit Mapress stainless- and carbon-steel tubing. By supplying the valve and adaptors assembled and tested as one unit, the number of purchased components and joints required on site can be halved — simplifying purchasing, reducing costs, shortening installation time and reducing the risk of a leak.

Vent-Axia, electric towel rail

Vent-Axia’s range of electrically heated towel rails comprises 10 models. They are IP55 rated and come in sizes from 450 x 600 mm up to 500 x 1500 mm. There are three heat outputs (150, 250 and 400 W), matched to the size of the rail. They are finished in high-quality white and chrome and available as flat, curved and designer styles.

Grundfos, condensate pump, condensing boiler

Pre-assembled lifting stations for removing condensate from boiler plant have been development by Grundfos. Conlift operates automatically when condensate enters the collection tank and is available in several versions.

Myson Floortec, underfloor heating, space heating

Myson Floortec, which manufactures underfloor heating systems, has launched a new guarantee to give installers and home owners greater peace of mind. For an underfloor heating system to work efficiently and be free of problems, all components need to be compatible. Many quality issues have arisen in the past because of incorrect combinations of components, often from different manufacturers. In such circumstances, the cost associated with incorrect design or potential remedial work must be borne by the installation company rather than individual manufacturers.

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