2012 September

UVGI Systems, air hygiene

UVGI Systems introduce a comprehensive range of latest technology Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Equipment providing measurable performance with guaranteed results for the removal of air borne pathogens that include bacteria and viruses from indoor environments.

Oil Firing Technical Association

The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) has launched a consultancy service to provide independent evaluations of oil-fired installations. Developed in response to customer demand, typical clients include landlords and facilities managers in the public and private sectors. The service is designed to help clients assess their oil-fired installations and can also assist in resolving disputes — for example where the installation has been completed but the customer feels the system is not performing correctly.

Sontay, meters

Sontay offers a CPD training course in water and heat metering that focuses on a number of topics, including background knowledge on flow measurement, the difference between water meters and flow meters and the key flow definitions (upper limit of flow rate, permanent flow rate and lower limit of flow rate). Sontay will also provide guidance on sizing water and flow meters, installation tips for water meters and temperature sensors and pockets for heat metering.

Big Foot Systems, VRV, VRF, air conditioning

Big Foot Systems offers competitive, no-risk rooftop support systems for building services and plant equipment.


Karen Fletcher (right in picture) and Julie Steward have joined forces to launch Keystone, a specialist marketing and PR agency for construction and building services. The agency has offices in Leeds and Harlow and serves clients around the country. Between them, Karen Fletcher and Julie Steward have over three decades in the construction industry and bring a wealth of knowledge about the industry to their new venture.

Siemens, controls

The range is ideally suited for use in managed buildings such as student accommodation and care homes with radiator or underfloor heating systems. It can be used in new installations or for upgrading and improving existing sites.

A-Gas, Cool Concerns, refrigerants

A-Gas has a ‘solutions provider’ market approach for supplying its specialist gases — which include a wide range of refrigerants, nitrogen and oxy-acetylene. In line with this approach, A-Gas has teamed up with Cool Concerns to offer high-quality refrigeration and air-conditioning training and advice. This collaboration coincides with an increased uptake of refrigerants with low global-warming potential, such as hydrocarbons and R744.

boiler, space heating, biomass, renewable energy, Hamworthy Heating

Hamworthy Heating has prepared a series of brochures providing extensive technical content on its biomass boiler solutions. This literature provides comprehensive information on Hamworthy’s Pellestar, Firematic, BioMatic and BioFire biomass boiler ranges, offering outputs from 30 to 1000 kW. The brochures provide detailed product specifications and outline the benefits of each range. They also feature 3D plant-room images.

Hybrid systems that combine renewable technologies with traditional boiler systems offer a reliable route to delivering energy efficiency in commercial buildings, argues John Bailey of Vaillant.

boiler, space heating, Remeha Commercial

Heating — the evolution

06 September, 2012

Advances in heating technology and the increased uptake of renewable energy solutions place growing importance on the role of the manufacturer in advising on smart system design, and the correct selection of product is more important than ever. Mark Northcott, of Remeha Commercial explains.

boiler, space heating, Lochinvar

As part of a multi-million restoration programme, Lochinvar high-efficiency condensing boilers and water heaters have been installed at Abbotsford, the home of famed Scottish writer and poet Sir Walter Scott, to provide space heating and hot water for visitors. The house, near Melrose in the Scottish Borders was designed and developed by Scott himself in the 19th century. He wrote some of his most famous works at the house, which is undergoing much needed repair before re-opening to the public in 2013.

boiler, space heating, Stokvis

The R40 wall-mounted boiler from Stokvis incorporates the latest gas-heating technology to achieve maximum operating efficiencies with minimum environmental impact. For example, CO2 levels are 8.5 to 8.7%, and NOx emissions are less than 39 mg/kWh at 0% oxygen — exceeding requirements for maximum BREEAM credits.

boiler, space heating, Grundfos, condensate pump

Removing boiler condensate

06 September, 2012

Pre-assembled lifting stations for removing condensate from boiler plant have been development by Grundfos. Conlift operates automatically when condensate enters the collection tank and is available in several versions.

boiler, space heating, A.O.Smith

A. O. Smith has launched five commercial boilers to complement its range of high-efficiency water heaters and solar systems. Epsilon and Upsilon (pictured) condensing boilers have outputs from 38 to 140 kW and enable the company to deliver a total solution for heating and hot water.

boiler, space heating, MHS Boilers, communal heating, heat interface unit

MHS Boilers has launched a range of floor-standing heat-interface units with an integrated stainless-steel unvented storage cylinder for hot water. Nexus S-FS units provide independent heating and hot water in multi-dwelling developments served by central plant. These units are available with cylinder capacities from 80 to 305 l. Integral storage makes possible a lower output from central plant than systems providing instantaneous hot water.

boiler, space heating, Hamworthy Heating

As modern condensing boilers rise in popularity, Hamworthy Heating’s Technical Director, Bob Walsh, looks at how to maximise the benefits of already highly-efficient boiler models through careful system design.

boiler, space heating, Viessmann

Viessmann’s Vitodens 100-W WB1C range of boiler comprises three combination boilers with outputs of 26, 30 and 35 kW and four system boilers with outputs of 19, 26, 30 and 35 kW with an improved modulation down to 25% of full output. The 19 kW boiler has a maximum flue length of 19 m for flexibility of installation. The heat output is the same for heating and hot water.

boiler, space heating, Evinox, communal heating

Helping to provide energy-efficient and sustainable housing for a mixed-use development in Maidstone is an Evinox communal heating system operating on central biofuel and gas plant with ModuSat TP heat interface units in apartments. This affordable housing is part of the £27 million Kent History & Library Centre, which houses some 14 km of historic material relating to Kent and dating back to 699 AD. The development includes 57 extra-care apartments for Housing 21 and 60 affordable homes for West Kent Housing Association.

boiler, space heating, Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Magnetics has launched a high-performance filter to combat the build-up of black sludge in domestic heating systems — increasing boiler life and reducing maintenance time. Black sludge reduces boiler heat transfer, and it can cause blocked pipes, radiator cold spots and corrosion. BoilerMag cleans the system by removing both magnetic and non-magnetic debris. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

boiler, space heating, Johnson & Starley

Johnson & Starley’s QuanTec range of gas-fired condensing boilers comprises six models in regular and combi versions with outputs from 16 to 28 kW. One model, the HR 28c, has integral passive flue-gas heat recovery to achieve energy savings of up to 26% over a typical water heater. All models have a Giannoni isothermic stainless-steel heat exchanger.

boiler, space heating, Potterton Commercial

Potterton Commercial’s iHE commercial is said to be the only one of its type on the UK market that delivers space heating and hot water from a single generator and tank enclosed in one cabinet. The condensing heat engines have premix modulating gas burners, achieve 96% gross efficiency and heat DHW via stainless-steel heat exchanger. These boilers are room sealed for use with vertical or horizontal flue systems.

boiler, space heating, Euroheat, biomass, renewable energy

Packaged biomass

06 September, 2012

The scope for pre-fabricated heating plant is changing, with the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) driving the desire for low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels. Biomass is one of the more recent technologies to be housed in a ‘plug-in and go’ package. Simon Holden of Euroheat explains its benefits to wood-fuelled heating.

boiler, space heating, Buderus, Bosch Group, commissioning

Maximising performance

06 September, 2012

Commissioning is essential to ensure that heating systems operate at their full potential to maximise performance and minimise fuel costs — says Pete Mills of Buderus, Bosch Group, who argues that trying to avoid the cost of commissioning is a false economy.

Not only does Hoval make biomass boilers in the UK, but it has also installed them to heat its factory and for training and demonstration purposes. Martin Murrish explains how Hoval went about this retrofit project. When retrofitting biomass boilers there are a number of factors to consider.

Advanced Engineering, Guardian, coil cleaner, coil cleaning

Guardian, Advanced Engineering’s anti-microbial treatment for air-conditioning and refrigeration coils is now available in an aerosol can — making the 6-month protection go even further. Guardian was launched three years ago and has become a standard treatment for the ACR servicing engineer. The 300 ml aerosol packs are said to last longer than the original 500 ml spray bottle.

Bitzer compressor

The variable speed that can be achieved with the integrated frequency inverter is the key to the optimum energy-efficient performance of Bitzer’s CSV compact screw compressor. These intelligent compressors use R134a and achieve an ESEER of over five. Applications include air-cooled direct-expansion chillers and heat pumps.

Saint-Gobain, floor drainage

Floor drainage system

06 September, 2012

Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s range of VortX cast-iron floor-drainage products is designed in accordance with BS EN 1253:2004. The range comprises over 60 components to create complete floor-drainage solutions. Gratings and rodding eyes come in square or round shapes in nickel bronze or stainless steel for use in a variety of floor finishes and are available threaded or direct fit.

CP Electronics, lighting control

CP adds to DALI control range

06 September, 2012

CP Electronics has launched a low-cost device to simplify DALI lighting installations. Called D-Mate Addresser, it is the latest addition to the sophisticated D-Mate lighting-control system. The D-Mate addresser complements the functionality of the D-Mate lighting-control system, making it very easy to address the other elements of the system using simple but reliable DIL switches.

BSS, digital pressurisation unit

Digital pressurisation unit

06 September, 2012

BSS Industrial has added a digital pressurisation unit to its range of pumping equipment. The compact and enclosed Boss Digifiller houses an electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly micro-processor for use on sealed systems to provide a minimum system-pressure requirement. Other features include an innovative system quick-fill mode, lockshield valve and wall-mounting fixtures.

IsoCool, closed circuit adiabatic cooling, cooling tower, heat rejection

IsoCool has launched a closed-circuit adiabatic dry cooler as an alternative to cooling towers and adiabatic spray systems for rejecting heat from air-conditioning and close-control cooling systems for large retail units, data centres and buildings with a year-round need for air conditioning and climate control such as hospitals and hotels.

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