Save money, light better at ASDA

Tamlite lighting, LED, retrofit

A major project by Tamlite Lighting to upgrade lighting in ASDA UK stores using LEDs has reached over 50 outlets and reduced energy bills by as much as 37%. The conversion to LED lighting is being carried out alongside voltage optimisation, building-management technology and heating and ventilation optimisation. The company is working towards reducing energy consumption by 20% by 2020 compared to 2010.

Working to a brief that called for long-term energy cost savings and an enhancement of lighting quality, Tamlite devised a replacement for the existing lighting systems, many of which were T5 or T8 fluorescent systems using a unique track and tray-mounting system.

The replacement systems are based on Philips Fortimo LED modules with a bespoke retro-fit gear tray and optic controller designed in house by Tamlite and which provides a high degree of glare control and output.

The combination has reduced energy bills by as much as 37% across a number of 24-hour sites. The long life of the LED fixtures will considerable reduce maintenance costs in the future.

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