MHI provides air conditioning for Menkind

MHI, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, air conditioning, VRF, heat pump

Energy-efficient heating and cooling for the new store in Wakefield of Menkind, the men’s goods and gadgets retailer, is provide by a twin split-heat-pump system from MHI’s FDC range using inverter technology to control compressor output. The equipment was supplied by 3D Air Sales and installed by Optional Maintenance of Sheffield.

Tim Lomas, applications engineer with Optional Maintenance says that MHI offered the best solution in terms of budget, performance application. He explains, ‘Because we had to install the outdoor unit on the roof of the store, we needed a system that permitted pipe runs of up to 70 m. Also, the smaller size and lighter weight of the FDC outdoor unit made it much easier to handle and position on the roof.’

The installation comprised a 14 kW outdoor unit configure in twin split-system format with two 6 kW indoor units. Cooling capacity ranges from 6.7 to 14.8 kW with heating from 6.3 to 16.8 kW.

The indoor cassettes have 4-way distribution with individual control of louvres to minimise draughts. They are only 246 mm deep.

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