BESA, Apprentices, apprenticeships, Trailblazer
Building a pipeline of talent — Tony Howard.

How new apprenticeships can take on the skills gulf

The rhetoric around skills shortages is becoming increasingly dramatic — but the new apprenticeship regime is a source of real hope, according to Tony Howard.

EPC, Environmental Performance Certificate, MEES, Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, Carbon2018
Beyond ticking compliance boxes — Joanne Merry.

Mastering EPCs to protect investment yield

An accurately assessed Environmental Performance Certificate (EPC), especially one that is not under-estimated, could be the key to not being able to let a building after April 2018 and expensive refurbishment work to improve energy efficiency. Joanne Merry of Carbon2018 takes up the story.

Fair shares for energy bills

Sharing energy bills among the tenants of a building according to the amount of energy each one actually uses is not only fair but can also encourage them to reduce their energy consumption. Matt Gardner of Synapsys Solutions looks at the benefits of apportioned energy and explains why the concept is gaining in popularity.

LG, Biomimetics

The Nature of Technology

Biology, Technology Come Together to Enhance Performance and Capacity in Next- generation Climate Solutions

CARBON2018, sub-metering, submetering
Implementing a best practice approach to metering — Joanne Merry.

Achieving effective sub-metering

With sub-metering now necessary for billing in multi-let buildings, Joanne Merry of CARBON2018 shares here experiences on how it can be a risky afterthought during development projects and the importance of careful planning.

Andy Lewry, air conditioning
Concerned about the growing proportion of electricity consumption that is due to air conditioning — Andy Lewry.

UK energy use of air conditioning reaches alarming levels

With cooling by air conditioning in offices in London generally well above typical expected consumption let alone best practice, Dr Andy Lewry of BRE examines the reasons and potential for action.

Durapipe, water treatment, legionella, Legionnaires Disease
Ensuring a truly effective hot and cold water network — Des Dolan.

Pipework hygiene begins with the pipes themselves

The design and installation of pipe systems needs including within water-quality strategies, believes Des Dolan of Durapipe.

CentraLine, Honeywell
The Hawk 8000 controller can integrate all applications and systems within a building.

CentraLine portfolio goes from strength to strength

This year promises to be an exciting one for the CentraLine approach to integrated building management, with the extension of existing products and the launch of new concepts. There is more information below, with even more information about them and the CentraLine portfolio on our web site: see link below.

CIBSE, BIM, Building Information Modelling, Soft Landings, building performance

Are you ready for a digital future?

All that data which is an inevitable part of digital engineering could easily be overwhelming — or engineers could get to grips with it to deliver buildings that perform better and help clients use them more effectively. Matt Snowden of CIBSE reviews options expressed at a recent event.

ECA, Electrical Contractors' Association, Cloud, IoT, Internet of Things
Major market opportunity — Steve Martin.

Sounding out the digital building revolution

There is no doubt of the digital building revolution, but how well are clients keeping up with it? The Electrical Contractors’ Association has carried out a survey, as Steve Martin explains.

Ilias Vazaios, Ecuity, Building Regulations, boiler, CHP
Getting the very most from natural gas — Ilias Vazaios.

Policy-driven gas efficiency

Ilias Vazaios of Ecuity argues that Government policy needs to encourage the use of more efficient gas-fired boilers and heating systems.

BESA, Part L
Allowing engineers to actually engineer — Tim Rook.

Abolish Part L and design buildings that work

Part L of the Building Regulations stifles innovation and embeds poor long-term performance into buildings, says Tim Rook of the Building Engineering Services Association.

air conditioning, LG, VRF

LG launches new VRF system

Just how far is it possible to further the performance of VRF air conditioning? Ken Sharpe has been finding out about LG’s latest range — Multi V 5.

Andy Lewry, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
Beyond short-term compliance reporting — Andy Lewry.

Making the most of ESOS

Having invested time and cost to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, Andy Lewry of BRE argues that businesses should take advantage of the recommendations made in the audit.

Building Engineering Services Association, BESA, BIM, building information modelling, NHS, energy efficiency
Exciting and challenging times for the facilities-management industry — Wayne Terry.

How BIM can deliver major energy savings for the NHS

Using BIM in tandem with increasingly sophisticated digital maintenance tools could give hard pressed NHS managers some welcome financial news, says Wayne Terry of the Building Engineering Services Association.

Whitbread, Premier Inn, Solar, photo-voltaic, renewable energy, photovoltaic

The inside story of solar PV for Premier Inns

The application of solar PV has been a major part of the energy strategy of Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants. Cian Hatton discusses the energy efficiency and economic benefits.

e-fficient Energy, Voltage stabilisation, electricity
With the increase in electricity generated from renewable energy comes the growing risk of fluctuations in Grid voltage.

Voltage stabilisation and renewable energy

VS (voltage stabilisation) may not be the most familiar acronym to businesses, but it soon will be. Duncan Biggins of e-fficient Energy explains why VS is becoming essential as the UK’s power networks change for the greener.

QRL focusing on radiator efficiency

The campaign by British manufacturer QRL Radiator Group for the introduction of an energy-labelling system for radiators — similar to the one used for boilers, renewables, hot-water cylinders and other household essentials based on efficiency ratings A+++ to G — prompts the question what makes for an energy-efficient radiator?

Marflow Hydronics

Digital Built Britain

Chris Forbes, MD of Marflow Hydronics reflects on 2016 and industry preparedness for the future advising that it would be prudent for all businesses within the construction sector to rapidly complete their BIM Level 2 strategy and implementation and prepare for the introduction and implementation of BIM Level 3.

BESA, Building Engineering Services Association, IAQ, indoor air quality
Action by the industry — David Frise.

Industry must take air quality issue into its own hands

Despite a growing body of evidence linking rising air pollution to thousands of premature deaths, strong political action over air quality remains in short supply. David Frise of the Building Engineering Services Association says the industry should take the law into its own hands.

Ecuity, heat, heating
Optimistic about heat decarbonisation — Ilias Vazaios.

UK heat policy: getting from Germany to Sweden

Ilias Vazaios of Ecuity examines the UK approach to heat as part of UK energy and climate policy, and draws on the experience of other countries to suggest a way forward.

BIM, building information modelling, lean construction, Notable

Understanding and mitigating risk in lean construction

Eliminating waste, financial or otherwise, is a feature of construction projects — but it brings its own risks. Matthew Murray of Notable explores how to minimise those risks — including the role of building information modelling.

BESA, Building Engineering Services Association, mental health
The gift of allowing someone to confide and unload — Paul McLaughlin.

Just one life

If even one life was saved, then all the industry’s efforts to tackle mental-health issues in the workplace would be worthwhile, says Paul McLaughlin, chief executive of the Building Engineering Services Association.

 Brexit, facilities management, Airedale
The importance of strategic energy plans - Adrian Trevelyan

The implications of Brexit for facilities management

Brexit poses many questions about UK energy and environmental policy and what it means for facilities managers. Adrian Trevelyan of Airedale shares his views and offers some guidance.

Nittan, fire alarm, fire detector, smoke detector, false alarm
False alarms in student accommodation at the University of East Anglia caused by steam from bathroom next to the alarm were resolved by simply replacing the sensors.

Alarmed about steam?

Fire detectors in accommodation with en suite facilities, such as hotels and student halls of residence, can be susceptible to false alarms caused by steam. It is a real problem, for which Lee James of Nittan Europe discusses the problems and how to overcome them.

Guttridge, Engineers
A career in engineering offers diverse opportunities.

Advice and tips on attracting future engineers

Britain needs engineers — and many more of them. Doug Anderson of Guttridge discusses the importance of attracting future engineers and offers a few top tips along the way.

Building Engineering Services Association, BESA, Tim Rook, climate change, carbon emissions, CO2
Quick-fix advice for the Government — Tim Rook.

A quick fix suggestion for the Government

Radical heating policy would show government means business. A radical new fiscal approach to incentivising the heating market would deliver ‘quick wins’ for both the Government and the industry, according to Tim Rook of the Building Engineering Services Association.

G&H Group, BIM, Building Information Modelling
Implementing BIM successfully — David Davis.

BIM — as a technology that relies on people

For an organisation to adopt Building Information Modelling successfully, positive co-operation from the people who use it is essential — argues David Davis of G&H Group.

AirSource, Brexit, GWP, HFCs, F-gas, refrigerant, phase down
Environmental opportunities for the UK— Dave Clayton.

Brexit presents opportunities for UK to embrace environmental standards

Dave Clayton of AirSource assesses the impact Brexit will have on environmental issues, in particular the imminent impact of regulations to phase down the use of F-gases such as HFCs as refrigerants.

Sanderson Weatherall, energy performance, EPC, Energy Performance Certificate, letting

Energy-performance clock is ticking for landlords

With forthcoming regulations not allowing the letting of commercial buildings below a minimum EPC after 2018, the David Fairley of property consultant Sanderson Weatherall, considers the potential impact for commercial landlords and possible ways forward in improving the energy performance of their buildings.

Marflow Hydronics', Filterball

Easing the strain

Water distribution systems are designed to last a long time and be trouble free, but as we all know this is not always the case. Paul Woodley, Customer Service Engineer at Marflow Hydronics considers the solutions that can reduce the risk of problems occurring.

CIBSE, Guide B
Good practice in HVAC system design — Hywel Davies

CIBSE’s new Guide B arrives

You wait 11 years for an update to CIBSE’s highly valued Guide B on good practice for the design of HVAC services — and then it comes in five parts. Hywel Davies of CIBSE outlines how the new document has changed in response to changing demands.

Saint Gobain, waste water, drainage, soilstack
Vibration transfer can be reduced using special pipe clips and clamps.

A quiet option

When it comes to claims about acoustic levels from waste-water pipes it is sadly too easy for manufacturers to fool specifiers by using clever marketing tricks. according to Mike Rawlings, of Saint Gobain PAM UK. Even tests carried out to the appropriate standards do not go far enough in setting a level playing field.

ADCAS, Association of Ductwork Contractors & Allied Services, ductwork, access door
The inside story of ductwork — Malcolm Moss.

Ductwork cleaning — defining responsibilities

Malcolm Moss of ADCAS highlights some of the most common questions asked about the provision of cleaning arrangements in ductwork projects and contracts, and outlines the latest guidance on these topics.

LG, indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air laden with high concentrations of micro dust or CO2 can contribute to a less than ideal environment. Long-term exposure to sub-standard air can have a tangible negative impact on overall health and educational performance (if learning inside a school with poor indoor air quality).

BESA, Building Engineering Services Association, women engineers
Encouraging girls to become engineers — Paul McLaughlin.

Lack of gender balance threatens engineering targets

Improving the engineering sector’s gender diversity is absolutely fundamental to our future prosperity, says Paul McLaughlin of the Building & Engineering Services Association.

Rethinking pipework for chilled-water air conditioning

George Fischer has 60 years’ experience in plastic piping systems — and continues to innovate. Its approach to chilled water for air conditioning caught the attention of Ken Sharpe.

Guardian Water Treatment, pseudomonas, water treatment, Wallenius
The unwelcome problems of biofilms — Steven Booth.

Keeping pseudomonas under control

Steven Booth of Guardian Water Treatment discusses the problem of pseudomonas and a best-practice approach to tackling it.

Legrand, DALI, testing, emergency lighting
Reassurance that the emergency-lighting system is fully operational — Steve Marr.

Testing times for emergency lighting

Testing emergency-lighting systems manually can be a very time-consuming task — and it is all too easy to miss something vital. Steve Marr of Legrand explains the benefits of automating the process.

Kerry Mashford, National Energy Foundation, EU Referendum

Better the dEUvil you know in Europe? An energy perspective

Dr Kerry Mashford, chief executive of the National Energy Foundation, shares some personal views on energy issues and the UK remaining in the European Union or leaving it.

Weatherite Air Conditioning, data centres, free cooling
Effective upgrading for data centres — Pat Gillan

Upgrading cooling for data centres

There are various options to consider when it is time to upgrade the cooling capabilities of a legacy data centre, but in most cases refurbishment isn’t one of them — as Pat Gillan of Weatherite Air Conditioning explains.

Eco-Airvent, BB101, ventilation, school
Understanding the new BB101 — Gary Morgan.

Welcome BB101 (2016)

Major changes in the legislation for ventilating schools are imminent. Gary Morgan of Eco-Airvent helps readers update their understanding.

CentraLine, Honeywell
Designed specifically for HVAC control systems — the EagleHawk AX controller.

CentraLine mid-year review

CentraLine by Honeywell has been actively involved in updating its products and systems to support its network of Partners in delivering a wide range of successful projects.

BCIA Awards
Jon Belfield, managing director of InTandem Systems, receives his award from Alan Johnstone – UK & Ireland Partner Channel Leader with CentraLine by Honeywell.

Building Controls Industry Association Awards

The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) Awards were held on 12 May at the Hilton Metropole Hotel on the site of the National Exhibition Centre.

Marflow Hydronics, manifold

Make it a Manifold

Nowadays, they’re not the first obvious choice, but Oliver Jones, Sales Application Engineer at Marflow Hydronics, thinks that manifolds might be too easily overlooked. He takes a look at how they might be the best solution for more projects than they’re currently used for.

LG, hot water systems

LG VRF + Hot Water Systems

VRF solutions are widely considered to be among the most versatile and powerful system air conditioners available. They provide exceptional comfort and are highly energy efficient and reliable. LG’s VRF systems known as Multi V IV, offer unmatched performance capabilities along with reduced energy consumption. They are flexible with long and evaluated pipe runs and have an array of indoor units to suit any application including the production of hot water.



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