BSEN15232, controls, Carlo Gavazzi, energy efficiency
Proving the economic benefits of controls — Alan Hickman.

Making the business case for building controls

UK Plc needs to cut carbon, yet many businesses will be unwilling to invest in energy-saving technology in a tough economic climate. Alan Hickman of Carlo Gavazzi UK, argues how the BS EN 15232 standard can be used to reveal the true value of building automation in the battle to reduce carbon emissions.

IES component simulates Breathing Buildings’ hybrid ventilation system

IES and Breathing Buildings have developed a performance component for Breathing Buildings’ system of natural ventilation with heat recycling. It is available in the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) software suite and uses IES Navigator technology to streamline and automate the integration of the component with the 3D building model. The NVHR Navigator includes guidance for Part L2 and provides automated CIBSE TM25 reportage.

Grundfos Pumps, energy efficiency

Grundfos delivers effective pump treatment for hospitals

Following an energy audit by Grundfos Pumps, a hospital trust with responsibility for three hospital sites has replaced over 90 obsolete pumps and is projecting energy savings of over 200 MWh a year.

Combat, space heating, heating, controls, BMS, zoning, zones, energy efficiency
Exploring the capabilities of heating controls for industrial and commercial premises.

Taking control of energy bills

With the various area of industrial and commercial premises having a diverse range of heating requirements, Nikki Goodman of Combat HVAC extols the energy-saving virtues of zoning.

Remeha, CHP, energy efficiency
Welcome antidote to the spark gap — Gary Stoddart.

CHP — a long-term relationship

As electricity prices continue to rise, the case for combined heat and power (CHP) grows stronger. However, the benefits of CHP can only be realised if systems are designed, installed and commissioned and monitored correctly. Gary Stoddart of Remeha CHP advises businesses on best practice before, during and after the installation of a CHP unit.

Gilberts, natural ventilation, energy efficiency

Maximising natural ventilation for science and IT areas in schools

Gilberts (Blackpool) offers a solution to maximise the benefits of natural ventilation in rooms such as IT suites and science laboratories in schools. Particular issues in such areas include heat from IT equipment and CO2 from Bunsen burners. Gilberts’ solution is its Mistrale Fusion (MFS) natural-ventilation system with the inclusion of enhanced and boost options.

air conditioning, chilled beams, energy efficiency

The big chill

With commercial building operators under pressure to reduce energy usage ahead of the upcoming Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) deadline, now is the time to look for a heating and ventilation system that can make a significant contribution in the ongoing battle to improve efficiency ratings. Andrew Gaskell of the Chilled Beam & Ceiling Association (CBCA), explains why chilled beams represent a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Sabien, Endotherm, space heating, radiator, energy efficiency

Sabien distributes Endotherm energy-saving additive for heating systems

Sabien Technology is the exclusive UK distributor for the Endotherm energy-saving heating additive for commercial multi-site heating systems. The agreement with Endo Enterprises (UK) is to supply the additive, which has won a CIBSE award, for commercial boiler heating systems.

Air curtains, Airbloc, energy efficiency

Air curtains for warehouses save energy and improve comfort

Air curtains over or beside large doors in warehouses can cut energy loss through open doorways by over 80% — according to Airbloc, which supplies air curtains for such applications. Comfort is also improved. Internal temperatures can drop by 4 to 10 K every time a warehouse door is opened. With an air curtain, the difference is normally just 1 K.

Belimo, butterfly valve, actuator, energy efficiency

Belimo butterfly valves and actuators have zero leakage rate

Belimo’s new generation of butterfly valves and actuators for high-flow applications for HVAC and commercial applications achieve zero leakage at 200 psi (13.7 bar). These valves have large Cv values to achieve an economical valve solution for larger-flow applications using ANSI flanged piping systems. Typical applications include isolating chillers and boilers, primary bypass flow control, isolating cooling towers, controlling coils in large air-handling units and process-control heat-exchanger applications.

Dimplex, space heating, EPC, energy efficiency

New electric heating boosts EPC rating

Dimplex’s Quantum off-peak electric heating system has replaced outdated electric storage heaters in an industrial unit on a business park in Ashford, Kent, to improve efficiency and reduce running costs. The new heating system in the headquarters of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has raised the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from F to E, making it compliant with the upcoming 2018 regulations on minimum energy performance standards for commercial buildings.

Swegon, demand controlled ventilation, ventilation, energy efficiency

Swegon’s demand-controlled ventilation has wireless control

Swegon’s Wise demand-controlled-ventilation system saves up to 80% of the fan energy and 40% of the cooling and heating energy in a building by supplying heating and cooling in the right amounts, at the right time to the right places. Software such as Swegon ESBO (early stage building optimisation) and the product-selection software IC Design provide decision-making support.

Rinnai, space heating, energy efficiency

O’Neil enjoys the Rinnai experience

Heating for St Mary’s Church in Saltcoats is more efficient and effective since the previous system was replaced with Rinnai 1004T gas-fired wall space heaters. Six heaters were installed, and Ross McWhirter, installation manager for O’Neil Gas Services, which installed them, says, ‘The biggest part of the job was lifting the floors and running gas and electricity supplies to the units.’

eSight, energy target, energy efficiency
Developing business confidence in energy initiatives — Catherine Kidd.

Decisions, decisions… the challenges of managing energy

Catherine Kidd of eSight Energy explains what you need to know to understand your building’s energy usage and improve it.

Lochinvar, heat pump, absorption, gas heat pump, space heating, energy efficiency

Dementia care home chooses Lochinvar gas absorption heat pump

Renewable energy for a care home in Derbyshire that specialises in dementia is provided by an integrated heating and hot-water system using a gas absorption heat pump from Lochinvar. Solar PV panels were originally considered for the Callywhite Home, but on inspection it was decided that an Optimus gas absorption heat pump was more appropriate for this type of project. It also met planning requirements at a considerably lower cost that solar PV, even taking into account the potential solar feed-in tariff.



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