One compound joints all threaded pipes

The Slic-Tite jointing compound for threaded pipes is suitable for pipes carrying gas, potable water, hot water, steam, air, petrol, oil and refrigerants. Available from La-Co, it comes ready for use, with no curing required. Slic-Tite flows to fill the voids between male and female threads and then locks them together when compressed to seal the joint.

This compound is made from PTFE particles and can seal all tapered pipe threads, including any that are damaged. It does not dry out or harden, so joints can be unscrewed for maintenance purposes.

Slic-Tite comes in tubes of 120, 240 and 475 ml, with a brush in the cap. It can be applied to oily, wet or cold threads, and the brush in the cap controls the amount of compound being applied to avoid waste and mess. Any residue can be wiped away, and the compound does not stain, suiting it to refurbishment projects and new installations.

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