KNX dimmer is suited to LED lighting

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A KNX-certified dimmer for LED lamps is now available in the UK from IMP, a member of the KNX UK Association. The company is the sole distributor for Vima Spa’s KNX-certified products. This dimmer is designed for all lighting loads, but is especially useful for LED lighting having a minimum power requirement of 2 W.

This dimmer can control two individual channels of varying loads and lighting types per channel. The loads can range from 2 to 500 W if one channel is used or up to 300 W for both channels.

This dimmer can also control 230 V halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps. Feedback from KNX integrators in Europe confirm that the dimming ramp is flicker free and that the lower cut-off point is the best they have seen, with no sudden drop-off point.

The dimmer is programmable with KNX ET programming software.

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