Sub-meters report wirelessly over GSM

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Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management has introduced a range of sub-metering products that are easy to install and report data wirelessly over the GSM network so that energy managers can download usage patterns and consumption figures direct to their PC for analysis. This approach to remote data collection is said to be perfect for monitoring multiple sites in a cost-effective and efficient manner while minimising cable runs to manage costs.

There are three products in the range.

Pulse Plus Multipoint is a plug-in GSM data recorder for measuring and recording electrical power and pulsed-output devices such as water and gas meters. It measures a single-phase load (A, V, power factor, kW and kWh) and can accept up to two signals from pulsed-output devices. Data are analysed using Sinergy’s dashboard control centre.

Pulse Plus Logger is a plug-in multi-channel GSM recorder that can accept up to 16 signals from pulsed-output devices. Data is analysed using Sinergy’s dashboard control centre.

Pulse Plus Meter is a plug-in GSM data recorder that stores usage inform for one 3-phase circuit, reporting wirelessly via GSM.

All Pulse Plus systems can be configured remotely without someone having to go to site. They use non-volatile memory, safeguarding data during a power failure.

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