Accurate control of pumped riser pipes

Accurate control of pumped riser pipes terminating into header tanks is provided by Hydraquip’s constant-flow flange CFF range fitted into pipe terminating flanges. This enables the delivery to the header to be accurately specified and the maximum delivery at any one time can be calculated, with the CFF being able to self compensate within ±10% through a pressure range from 1 to 10 bar. Using an ABS flange from 2 to 8 in, Hydraquip can offer a range of terminating flanges pre-pocketed to accept the Neoperi constant-flow regulator. The specified flange comes with a kit of constant-flow regulators that allow flow rates from 20 l/min to over 3000 l/min to be easily constructed on site. Constant-flow regulators are fitted wherever water has to be distributed intelligently and evenly.
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