Air-conditioning units take the weight off an installer’s mind

With about half the size and weight of other air-conditioning units of similar capacity, these Toshiba units were installed at Lakeside in Essex without needing a crane.
Air-conditioning units with the cooling capacity of units that are normally twice the size and weight have been installed in the extended and refurbished River Island store at Lakeside in Essex. The compact Toshiba 12.5 kW digital inverter split systems were installed by Metainy. Jim Darlington, Metainy’s contract engineer, says, ‘The conventional double-fan units could not have been positioned at Lakeside without the use of a crane. The new compact units were small enough to be carried up the stairs.’ New fan designs in the outdoor unit save power and also reduce noise levels. A new 3-row multiple-tube heat-exchanger design increases heat-exchange capacity over traditional 2-row or single-row designs. The system operates with R410A and has a high-efficiency DC twin rotary compressor that requires only a single-phase power supply.
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